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Top IOS, iPhone App Development Companies 2021

The use of mobile devices continues to rise globally. With more people accessing the internet via mobile devices than PCs, investing in mobile app development has become a critical growth strategy for businesses looking to go to new heights by expanding their reach.

However, many organizations find it challenging to choose an ideal iOS app development company to manage their project. This post provides a list of top iOS, iPhone app development companies to help narrow your scope. The companies listed here have proven expertise, extensive experience, a strong portfolio of past projects, and trusted clients’ positive reviews. 

Texas Software Developers

Texas Software Developers is a comprehensive software development company based in Houston, Texas, US. They develop mobile applications, web-oriented applications, and business software solutions. Their mission is to provide quality software development services that help the clients to succeed. They are committed to providing clients with the highest quality software possible, while also providing excellent customer service. Their vision is to be the best software development company not only in Texas but in the world, and to help their clients achieve their goals.

Why Choose Texas Software Developers?

  • Meet timelines very strictly.
  • Avoid costly redesigns and development cycles.
  • Make your app intuitive and easy to use from the get-go.

Launch your app with confidence, knowing it’s been tested by experts.

Saigon Technology Solutions

Saigon Technology is among the best software development firms in Vietnam. The company was established in 2010, and it has its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. However, the software development company has an office in Da Nang. The company provides web development, custom software, website development, and mobile app development. It also provides other development services for midmarket and small companies and institutions.

With over 100 employees, the company is committed to delivering cost-effective and quality offshore software development outsourcing solutions to customers in various fields, including media, e-finance, healthcare, and e-business.

The award-winning software development company boasts of a team of top experts in RoR, ASP.NET, NodeJS, PHP, iOS, React JS, Angular, and React Native or Android application development services. Moreover, the company has also made its name in Agile IT with about 110 mobile and web application development in-house software engineers.

The team of experts works professionally and efficiently and is always flexible and responsive to customer needs. Therefore, software engineers are comfortable working extra hours to ensure successful results, making it one of the leading iOS iPhone development companies in Vietnam.

Why Choose Saigon Technology Solutions

  • Saigon Technology Solutions has a team of skilled and experienced developers
  • The company is insured and licensed, unlike some players in the industry
  • It offers quality services
  • The company provides the best solutions in mobile app development at affordable services
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Personalized user experience
  • Good reputation in software development

Konstant Infosolutions

This is a top software development company that provides a wide variety of mobile and web solutions worldwide since 2003. The software development company boasts of a team of more than 170 highly experienced and qualified IT professionals that are committed to delivering quality consulting services and technology solutions to various business needs.

As a premier software development firm, the company offers reliable mobile and web solutions in various fields. These include UI/UX Design Solutions, Database Programming, Custom Web Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, Native Mobile Apps Development, IT Consulting, Native Mobile Apps Development, and CMS Development.

Additionally, Konstant Infosolutions provides trendy and delightfully designed solutions to businesses at affordable prices. Some of its main clients include the United Nations, Volkswagen, Houghton Milfftlin Harcourt, Wonder Cement, RawBank, NASSCOM, Nestle, Thomasville, Stanley, Project Action Star, TABCO Food, and much more.

Why Choose Konstant Infosolutions

  1. Konstant Infosolutions has a team of skilled and experienced professionals
  2. The company relies on a dedicated team model
  3. It provide impactful solutions for various fields
  4. The company is committed to delivering faster and quality business outcomes
  5. Excellent innovativeness


Intellectsoft has built a great reputation due to its intelligent mobile and software solutions since its inception in 2007. The company delivers full services in mobile app and custom development firm with an excellent set of competencies that meet all the enterprise needs. Intellectsoft has offices in Silicon Valley, London, New York, Minsk, and Oslo. 

The software development company has endeared itself to clients with its authenticity and honesty. Besides, the firm has a great team of developers who help develop unique enterprise solutions to meet complex mobile app needs.

Intellectsoft provides versatile and Enterprise-Focused services, which include developing agile applications that satisfy customer app development requirements. The company has successfully completed over 300 projects across the globe. Some of its key clients include Jaguar, Universal Pictures, Audi, Harley-Davidson, Hoosbaa, Land Rover, and much more.

Why Choose Intellectsoft

  1. Intellectsoft is committed to providing impactful mobile applications
  2. It creates enterprise software for reliable integration
  3. The company boasts of a dedicated team of developers
  4. It provides excellent IT consulting
  5. The company offers quality QA & Testing services
  6. It offers UX/UI design services


Fueled is a renowned company in the field of app development due to its great team of world-class developers and outstanding capabilities. The company was founded in 2008, but it has managed to earn its position among the industry’s top players. Fueled believes in a data-driven approach with an excellent team of experts when it comes to analytics-driven approach and agile application development.  

Its team of experienced developers takes time to understand their clients, enabling the company to deliver quality and impactful apps that meet their expectations. The main competency includes mobile app designing and development. Its team of professionals understands the needs of various enterprises, which helps them offer the best solutions that enhance full-service engagement in businesses. Consequently, most of the apps get a featured in-app store. 

Fueled has delivered solutions to a number of reputable clients, including Harvard, Crunchbase, Rite Aid, Afterlight, Summit Series, Verizon, QuizUp, Matador, Sunnycomb, and Happify. 

Why Choose Fueled 

  1. Fueled creates unique and impactful apps
  2. The company focuses on ensuring great customer and user satisfaction
  3. It provides excellent insights and analytics in mobile app development
  4. Fueled offers A/B testing & workflow optimizations
  5. It provides Optimizations and attribution tracking


TechAhead has made a name in the mobile app development field due to its excellence and perfection in offering solutions in the industry. The software development company provides a wide variety of services, including design, mobile consulting, and development services. Moreover, the company boasts of a team of skilled professionals that are committed to delivering the best solutions and on time. 

The team of dedicated working professionals is known for developing user-focused, dynamic, and interactive mobile applications. The company has a proven track in designing and developing the most critical and complex iOS app development that gets featured on the app store through them. 

Why Choose TechAhead

  1. TechAhead provides great mobile app development services
  2. The software development company boasts of a dedicated team of working professionals
  3. The team of working professionals believe in user engagement and problem-solving 
  4. It deliver iOS apps with proven track that get featured on app store
  5. The company creates user-focused mobile applications

iTechArt Group

iTechArt Group is a software development company that was founded over 15 years ago. Since its inception, it has specialized in delivering innovative software solutions to hundreds of clients globally. 14% of its service focus is in mobile app development. iTechArt boasts of deep expertise and efficient iOS development services. It leverages attractive layout designs and rich functionality to transform client vision into functional iOS apps.

Its iOS development services include:

  • iOS custom development,
  • UX/UI design
  • QA and testing services
  • iOS application maintenance
  • Migration and porting
  • Support for the Apple ecosystem

Why choose iTechArt 

  1. The firm has perfected the art of balancing new perspectives, innovation, and utilization of the most powerful technologies.
  2. It boasts of extensive experience in developing native iOS apps.
  3. iTechArt employs a client-centric approach to development, with a keen focus on minimizing time-to-market while adhering to the highest quality standards.
  4. The firm has an extensive portfolio of complete iOS projects, comprising more than 350 apps.


Buuuk was founded when Jon, Mohan, and Cheng created its first iPhone application when Apple announced the first iPhone over a decade ago. Out of the app’s recognition, Buuuk was founded and now ranks among the leading innovation consultancies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Today, Buuuk is an expert in iSO development, as evident from the extensive portfolio of iOS projects completed. It has gained more than 10 years’ experience delivering innovative iOS solutions for clients across the top industries globally. With a strong and competent leadership team, augmented by strategic partnerships – including Apple Consultants Network – and extensive technical capabilities, Buuuk demonstrates sufficient capacity to successfully handle any iOS project.

Its expertise includes:

  • iOS development
  • Wearables (Apple watch)
  • Indoor location (iBeacon) 

Why choose Buuuk 

  1. Has extensive experience in iOS development, spanning more than a decade.
  2. Comprises a team of highly skilled and experienced developers and program managers
  3. Has built a strong network of partners, including a partnership with Apple Consultants Network, assuring clients of its commitment to matching global quality standards.

Zco Corporation

Zco Corporation is a mobile app design and development company headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, in the United States. It was founded in 1989 and has since distinguished itself as a leading software and mobile application development company in the United States and globally. For more than three decades, the company has successfully managed app development projects from hundreds of clients across industries. Zco Corporation specializes in building apps for iPhones, iPads, and other products supported within the Apple ecosystem, including wearable technologies such as the Apple Watch.

As evident from its extensive portfolio of past projects, the firm demonstrated strong competencies in creating innovative and functional iOS solutions for its clients. It employs agile development methodologies for the assured quality and success of iOS development projects.

Why choose Zco Corporation 

  1. The firm has extensive experience in the industry, having been in existence for more than three decades. It demonstrates a strong understanding of industry trends.
  2. It employs agile methodologies to deliver high-quality iOS apps across all devices supported within the Apple ecosystem.
  3. It comprises a team of highly skilled and talented designers and iOS developers. With their extensive scope of technical expertise, they can handle any iOS app development project regardless of its scope.
  4. Zco Corporation is trusted in the industry as a leading mobile app developer. This builds to its credibility.

InApps Technology

InApps Technology is a top application development outsourcing company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since its inception, InApps Technology has built an admirable reputation globally as a dignified provider of world-class mobile app development services. It is committed to helping clients achieve their goals and realize success by utilizing the latest tools and technologies. Additionally, it comprises a team of highly skilled and competent developers capable of transforming ideas into innovative and functional mobile applications.

InApps Technology’s developers boast of extensive experience in the latest technology stacks and frameworks. More specifically, they have expert competencies in using React Native, Objective-C, and Swift programming languages to build iOS apps.

Why choose InApps Technology 

  1. Has experience working with top technology stacks for iOS development, including Swift and Objective-C
  2. The firm has earned various industry recognition as a leading mobile developer globally.
  3. InApps Technology boasts a team of highly-skilled, qualified, and competent professionals with substantive experience managing iOS development projects.

Halcyon Mobile

For more than 15 years, Halcyon Mobile has strived to provide clients with innovative IT solutions that address their needs and add value to their businesses. The company has distinguished itself as a leading mobile design and development firm, catering to businesses of all sizes across industries. It’s a commitment to helping businesses realize their goals have earned it recognition in the industry, including Clutch Top Mobile App Developers (2020) and App Store App of the Day for one of its iOS apps.

Halcyon Mobile embraces the spirit of innovation and teamwork. Furthermore, it is committed to constant upskilling to keep up with the industry’s latest technology trends.

Why choose Halcyon Mobile 

  1. It comprises a team of highly talented and innovative developers. It boasts of extensive experience in successfully managing complex iOS development projects.
  2. Halcyon Mobile is the recipient of various industry awards, which demonstrate its commitment to high-quality standards and satisfying clients’ needs.
  3. Has an extensive portfolio of completed projects. Its scope of services cuts across various industries globally.


The number of iPhone users is on an upward trajectory globally, as with the growth in the use of other mobile devices. This translates to the increased need for investment in iOS app development. Hopefully, the companies enlisted here help narrow the scope for you when searching for an ideal iOS developer for your project. Overall, your choice of an ideal iOS app development company should be informed by its technical expertise, their suitability considering your unique needs and budget constraints,