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Top Javascript Engineering Tools for 2020

JavaScript is a popular programming language used globally. It is ideal for the development of applications and websites. JavaScript is also used for server and database management. And there is a constant need for expert to hire Java developers to translate your vision into a value-added product while keeping your costs low. A research conducted in 2019 on the state of JavaScript showed that it could use a bit of classification. There is a wide range of tools you should use for your programming projects with JavaScript. They include:


It is a popular enterprise-grade framework used by many developers to build and maintain complex web applications. Perhaps it would be correct to describe it as VERY popular. Companies such as Domino’s Pizza, Google, and PayPal Checkout use Angular. Google maintains this open-source framework. Angular is marketed as an “HTML extension” for building complicated web applications. If you understand TypeScript, you may be interested in knowing that Angular 2 is written in it. RedMonk blog has explained more about typescript.

Angular is a type of MVC framework. It implements two-way data binding between models and views. This approach allows for automatic updates on both sides whenever the data changes. In Angular, you can create reusable View Components. And thanks to the service framework available in it, you can easily build interaction between the backend and the frontend. Finally, Angular is pure JavaScript.

This framework is known for its simplicity and fits into one JS file. Backbone is authored by Jeremy Ashkenas, who also created CoffeeScript and Underscore.js. The framework is especially loved by development teams that create web applications with a simple structure that doesn’t need monsters like Angular and Ember.

Backbone is a complete routing MVC framework. Models are used to implement key-value binding and events for handling data changes. Models and collections can interact with RESTful APIs. The views use declarative event handling, and the router manages the state using the URL. You need to create a single-page application without redundant functionality and complexity.

React vs Vue
Two more frameworks worth considering for 2020 would be React and Vue. Although the differences between React and Vue are not significant. Based on our research React is slightly better.

Build and Automation Tools

Grunt and Gulp
In preparation for rolling out sites to production, we usually have to perform tasks such as improving performance by minifying JavaScript and CSS, compiling CoffeeScript / TypeScript, unit testing, etc. Surely you already have at hand a package of tools that prepare the site for deployment to production. But if not, then you can recommend Grunt or Gulp as the task runner. For both, many plugins have been written that allow you to do whatever you want with your site in preparation for deployment.

Testing Tools

Mocha and Chai
Testing JavaScript code has been incredibly annoying for a long time. Although the same can be said about testing code in any other language. But testing should be done periodically by every developer, although many dislike this activity and avoid it. However, two libraries with poetic names Mocha and Chai, can help you overcome your dislike of the testing process.

Mocha is a JS framework that makes it easy to test asynchronous code in a node module or browser application. Mocha tests have improved exception tracing and can be run in series.

Chai is a TDD / BDD assertion library that can be used with Mocha to express tests in a simple, readable javascript form.

Debugging Tools
Debugging code can be hectic and time-consuming. It is essential when dealing with more lines of code. Simulating location while debugging ios app is one perfect example. The following debugging tools can be helpful.

It is a Google Chrome browser extension used to debug Angular 2 applications. Developers can easily analyze the structure of the app and performance before making changes.

JavaScript Debugger
The tool from Mozilla Development Community (MDN) is a standalone web app used to debug code on various browsers.
You should use the right JavaScript engineering tools for a smooth development process.