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Top Laravel Packages You Should Be Using in 2023: A Curated List

Laravel is a framework for PHP, the one that re-uses components for creating web apps. Laravel is open-source and allows access to its exciting framework features for instance: views, routing, tests, migrations, etc. Laravel packages for different jobs combine to make a list of more than 15,000 packages but this blog is curated so you can find the best for your needs.

Top Laravel Packages List 2023

Following is a selected list of top Laravel packages according to functionalities and categories for optimizing performance of your Laravel apps.

1. Top Laravel Email Tools & Packages

Sending email is a central feature required for any web application and PHP’s inbuilt feature is insecure. So, Laravel provides secure email features. Following are the packages.

1.1 Beauty mail

By integrating email for developers and operation for users, Beauty Mail is responsive and eye-catching. Templates from other collections like from Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor are also available.

1.2 Sendgrid

Sengrid is a popular Laravel package for sending messages. It’s efficient, fast, and tracks link opens, clicks, and other metrics.

2. Best Laravel Ecommerce Packages

Laravel is a secure, user-friendly PHP web framework for e-commerce websites and apps.

2.1 Bagisto

Bagisto is a free and open-source Laravel-based e-commerce package that is designed to help developers easily create and expand their e-commerce businesses. It is highly accessible and offers a variety of useful features, giving users complete control over their online stores. Even non-technical users can easily use Bagisto to set up an online store or convert a brick-and-mortar store to an online store.

2.2 Aimeos

A well-known package for Laravel e-commerce apps. Create basic, feature-rich, and fully functional e-commerce websites with Aimeos with availability for advanced features for high end e-commerce sites. It combines multilingual packages, SEO-ready tools and comes with customizable themes. A highly regarded package for e-commerce for its speed and optimized server features.

3. Laravel Blogging Packages

A blog section on your website can establish you as a thought leader, provide information, and convince users to use your services. Great Laravel packages a blog website:

3.1 PJ Blog (JCC Blog)

PJ, an open-source Vue.js based Laravel blogging tool, designed for creating appealing and user-friendly apps that prefer performance. It features an attractive and highly functional dashboard for quick access.

3.2 Canvas – Laravel Publishing Platform

Canvas is a free, open-source Laravel package that helps you create a beautiful, functional blog in minutes. It also provides insights to help you optimize your content.

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4. Laravel Authentication & Authorization

Authentication and authorization is to protect your website’s data from breaches and unauthorized access. They confirm users’ identities and grant access based on roles and permissions.

4.1 Rinvex – Laravel Authentication

Rinvex is a robust Laravel package that provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution for all of your authentication and authorization needs. It includes verification capabilities, making it a powerful tool for developers.

  • Role Based Access 
  • Social Authentication
  • Two Factor Authentication  

4.2 Laravel Jetstream

Jetstream is another popular Laravel package for authentication and authorization that comes with the required foundation for any Laravel apps. It provides ready templates for login, registration, two-factor authentication, as well as other important authentication that you may need for setting up authentication and authorization services.

  • Registration 
  • Email Verification 
  • API Support 

5. Laravel Testing & Debugging

Testing is the process of identifying bugs and mistakes which are or can cause malfunctions. While, the process of fixing them is called Debugging.

5.1 Behat

Behat is a free, open-source BDD framework for PHP. It’s popular for continuous communication, deliberate discovery, and test automation. Its Laravel extension helps developers test Laravel apps.

  • Extendable to the Core
  • Automated Acceptance Test

5.2 Laravel Dusk

Laravel Dusk is a powerful Laravel package for end-to-end testing. It runs tests in a browser to test client-side features and automate repetitive tasks.

  • Browse Automation
  • Testing APIs

6. Laravel Payment Packages

To set up payment gateways for your Laravel shop or non-ecommerce website, use trusted Laravel packages from top development companies. This will secure user data and open revenue channels.

6.1 Laravel Cashier Stripe

Laravel Cashier Stripe is a user-friendly and straightforward interface for integrating Stripe’s subscription billing services into Laravel. Cashier Stripe is capable of handling any and all subscription billing code that is repetitive and developers hate working on.

  • Coupons Management
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoice at PDFs 

6.2 Omnipay

Omnipay is a popular PHP payment processing library for Laravel, with a clear API, unit testing, and dummy app.

  • Proper Documentation
  • Single API


Above mentioned is a short list of top packages for Laravel in 2023 according to requirements and industry. There are many other options available for you to look at but these will fulfill all your needs. Now you can optimize your Laravel apps without any problem.