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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a CV

“A job interview is not the test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time.” For a great job interview, your CV needs to be also in a perfect state for the job your applying to. HR these days do not settle for anything less than perfect when hiring a candidate and CV says it all.

That is why your CV needs to be in good condition without any kind of mistakes. A perfect CV means that it ticks all the right boxes and leaves a great impression on the person going through it. Now that you know that how important it is to have a perfect CV, here in this post, we will discuss about how to write a CV to avoid any mistakes.

  • Choosing the wrong CV format

While a chronological CV is the most common kind of CV format, you will be shocked to know that it is not the best option. 

If you are thinking of changing your career or had a few gaps, the skill-based CV format is best suited to you as it focuses on your skills rather than giving a graph of your work history. For example, if you are going for a video editor or graphic designer job, a video-based resume is the best idea.

  • Not matching your CV to the job.

You must put down all your skills and experience in the CV that matches with the job you are rooting for. When the HR manager is going through your resume, they are thinking, “Whether this person is well suited for this job post?”

So, if your CV is not anything similar to the job you are applying for, you will be discarded in no time, so you cannot afford not to match your CV to the job requirements.

  • Focus on duties instead of achievements 

The Hiring manager knows the duties in the job profile for which they are doing the hiring, like say, for example, that you are a lawyer; the HR knows that a lawyer fights cases and represents their clients.

You can instead talk about how special achievements like you have represented more than 1000 criminal cases with a 99% success record; that is something that will make you stand out and attract the attention of the HR manager. 

  • Meaningless clinches

Well, you will be shocked to know that every other CV is filled with similar kinds of cliches like “fast learner,” “hard worker. The HR manager gets that a lot, and they are not at all impressive. As these kinds of phrases are overused and found in every other CV, it has lost its meaning. There are more chances of you losing the job opportunity with these kinds of phrases, so remove them.

  • Lying

It is totally unfair to lie to get a job post, no matter how badly you want it, be it exaggerating your qualifications or making up a fake job take you never had. The truth comes out at one point or the other, and at the time, it will ruin your creditability, and it may not be easy to get a decent job in the future. 

Thus, it is not a risk worth taking, be straightforward about your qualifications and achievements in the job interview and never lie about it. 


So, these are some of the mistakes that you should avoid while writing your CV; it will ruin your chances of cracking an interview.

Follow the tips as mentioned above in order to ace the interview and get the job. Good Luck!