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Top Mobile Signal Boosters for 4G and 3G

Undoubtedly, we all need that 5 bar perfect signal, all the time, anywhere! But unfortunately, that’s not always the reality. Especially the “anywhere” part. Even in our own homes, there are often corners that didn’t get the memo and receive 1-2 bars at best. So how can we deal with that?

In the 21st Century, we have countless gadgets to fix our problems and this one is not an exception. Mobile signal boosters are here to help us with connectivity issues and establish a stable signal reception through a significant area. Enough for anything really. Starting from smaller units for just your house, or a single room in your apartment, up to devices with huge coverage, for large apartment buildings, big hotels, etc. Now, if you are looking to purchase a cellular booster, especially one boosting your mobile data signal (3G and 4G), read on for more details.

Before we get to the main reviews, there are a few things you should keep in mind, while attempting to find an appropriate booster for your needs. When choosing the best 4g booster, which will most probably boost your 3g signal as well;

*Consider the carrier. Different devices are wired to enhance signals coming on different wavelengths. Some of them are more universal than others. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) recognizes two kinds of boosters: “carrier-specific”, and “broadband.”

*Mind the coverage. As we mentioned, some units are designed to cover small spaces, others are enough to cover a large hotel. Make sure to purchase enough wiring as well.

*Location. Depending on whether you live in the city or in the rural area, your reception problems might be different. So keep that in mind.

*Cable length. Any loose wire will cost you connection quality, so you have to keep it as short as possible.

All the mobile signal boosters (an iphone signal booster, a 4G booster, a Call booster), regardless of their specific purpose, have the same basic structure. They consist of 3 main parts:

Exterior antenna. This is the part of the device that goes on the roof of the building. It “gathers” the outside signal. The variety is not particularly wide. There are only two kinds of exterior antennas. An omnidirectional antenna, which is equipped to catch a signal from any direction, and a yagi, which works in one direction only.

After the exterior antenna gets the signal, it transmits the signal along to the amplifier, which enhances the received signal. We use dB (decibels) to measure its power.

The third and last component of the whole system is the interior antenna. What it does, is receive the amplified signal and radiate it on a certain area. Now here we have two choices as well, depending on your needs. You can either get a dome antenna, which will transmit the signal on one floor only and can boost that signal in pretty much any direction or the panel antenna, which is great for multi-storied buildings and long rooms, as it transmits the signal in one direction only.

Now, that we have a better understanding of what a booster actually is, let’s get to work and see what’s going on on the US market of mobile boosters for 3G and 4G today.

1) Boosterplanet. This company offers a large range of different models. They differ in coverage, power, and price as well. You can pick and choose the one you need. They support T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers. For a weak outside signal, you can choose the Power Line models, which will make sure you have a great signal, no matter your location. And if the outside signal is strong enough, you can trust on other models to amplify the signal throughout the whole house or office.

The Cell Phone signal booster for 3G and 4G is a good example of a quality booster that supports all of the US mobile carriers and works great for a small house, covering 3300 sq ft, in case you have a decent outside signal, but have trouble inside the house, which is a very popular category.

If you are looking for something to boost the data signal over a large area, consider this All-in-One cell phone signal booster that will take care of your call, 3G and 4G signals over an area of up to 16000 sq ft. It will work wonders in case you have a weak outside signal and have to accommodate a big hotel or an apartment building. In short, a great choice for big businesses in remote areas.

The biggest advantage of this company is that it delivers completely free of charge across the US, no matter if you live in Main or California. They also offer 24/7 Customer Support and a 2-year warranty on all the products, so you are covered, in case something goes south. Another huge advantage of BoosterPlanet is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you have an option to return the product for a full refund within 30 days after purchase, in case after all the careful considerations, you did make the wrong decision.

2) Hiboost. This company also accommodates a wide range of signal needs for both large and small areas. If you need one for your house, the 4K smart Link model will be just perfect. It can transmit the 3G and 4G signal, as well as Call signal, over an area of 4000 sq ft, meaning it will suit your house or apartment for sure. It’s equipped to deliver the signal to your house, in case the outside signal is strong enough. If it’s not, consider this model: 15K smart Link. This kit will surely be enough for a large building, as it covers 15000 sq ft. It supports all US mobile providers, so no need to worry about that. Hiboost also has a wide variety of models, in case you need something for a more remote area.

3) SureCall. This system has a lot to offer. Different boosters for different carriers. The Fusion4home model will boost you Call, 3G and 4G signal across an area of 5000 sq ft, which is just right for a large apartment, or a house. It will work properly even with a weak outside signal and help you forget you ever had that problem. If you are looking for help with a larger territory, try this one: Force5 2.0. This beast is created for large buildings and covers 25000 sqft with a low outside signal, and up to 100.000 sqft with a powerful outside signal. Both of them support all US carriers and might require extra wiring, so keep that in mind.

So there you have it. All three of the companies mentioned above have a very large range of products, so you can choose the one for your specific needs. If you have any concerns, just contact the customer support, that each of the companies has. Just remember to consider all the different possibilities. Then you’ll make the best decision!