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Top Move To Earn (M2E) Tokens In 2022

In the world of business, it is always important to stay ahead of the competition. This is especially true in the rapidly-growing world of cryptocurrency. By staying ahead of the curve, you can maximize your profits and minimize your losses. 

In this article, we will discuss eleven top moves to earn (M2E) crypto/tokens in 2022. We hope that this information will help you stay ahead of the pack and make wise investment decisions. Thank you for reading!

What Is Move To Earn Ecosystem?

Move to Earn is an easy way to get started in the world of cryptocurrency, and it’s a great way to earn some extra money. With Move to Earn, you can use your bitcoins to pay for bills and other expenses, and you’ll earn rewards for doing so. offers a simple way to get started in the world of cryptocurrency, and it’s a great way to earn some extra money. 

With Move to Earn, you can use your bitcoins to pay for bills and other expenses, and you’ll earn rewards for doing so. offers a simple way for bitcoin holders to make money with their bitcoins. If you’re looking for a new way to use your bitcoin holdings, then Move To Earn is definitely worth checking out.

How Does M2E Work?

Whether you’re looking to make money through referrals or simply want to take advantage of the discounts offered by Move to Earn merchants, there’s something for everyone in this exciting new ecosystem. 

To start with, every move-to-earn game or app relies on cellular and GPS signals for tracking your moment. If the app finds out that the signal is not strong, then there are high chances of you not earning the rewards.

The users are awarded with two different tokens through the move-to-earn concept. The first token is known as the ERC20 token, like Shib coin, which is used for governing the whole system. The second token is used as a reward for the users who go through all of the specific terms and conditions by moving around.

Move-to-earn games utilize a dual token system. Over here, one coin will govern the other, while the other will be used to reward the user. The best part is that both of these tokens can be transferred between two different parties using Ethereum blockchain technology.

Top M2E Cryptos


The idea behind the platform is that it encourages people to live healthier lifestyles by giving them little monetary rewards for doing so. The team behind STEPN is also designing it so that it can be used as a tool for employers to encourage healthy behavior on the part of their employees, who will receive a higher salary if they meet certain goals like walking more, sleeping better, etc. 

Stepn, GST price and the crypto market have moved in accord with one another in recent months. This is a great time to get into the crypto market, but only if you’re prepared and ready to ride out the volatility.


STEP APP is a blockchain service platform, created by the base of China’s leading blockchain platform, currently being built by the world’s leading technology company 

The problem that STEP APP solves is user acquisition for blockchain projects. The project’s goal is to connect the user and blockchain projects all over the world, in order to promote the growth of this new industry.



GENOPETS is a new cryptocurrency game where players can adopt, raise and train their own virtual pet. It’s a fun and entertaining way to earn real money. In GENOPETS, players interact with other gamers on the platform, raise and train their pets, take care of them and even participate in different games.

 The main goal of GENOPETS is to create a gaming community where everyone has an opportunity to earn crypto currency. You can have your pet fight for you or you can trade your pets with other users. This is a fun and profitable way to make money.


SWEATCOIN crypto is a cryptocurrency distributed by sweatcoin. It is an incentive-based mechanism to encourage physical activity and positively impact society. The company aims to motivate people to walk more and lead healthier lifestyles. Its tokens can be used as currency, which means that they are viable forms of payment on the SWEATCOIN platform. 

Their distribution process is based on scientific research into human behavior, specifically the concept of “gamification” where rewards are used as positive reinforcement in order to encourage certain actions or behaviors.


DUSTLAND is a platform for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, which basically means that it is a place for users to buy and sell digital assets. It’s possible to trade on DUSTLAND from any device, including desktops, laptops and smartphones.