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Top NBA Teams That Has the Cheapest Tickets

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With the NBA regular season in full swing, we’re looking at the most stacked leagues in recent history. Everybody seems neck and neck in both the East and the West. Every way you cut it, you can see the exciting basketball every which way. But seeing it live? That’s going to cost a pretty penny. However, there are some teams that offer some really good deals in terms of tickets. Here we’ll explore the cheapest tickets, not only overall, but relative to their current standing in the NBA.

Top 10 in perspective

It’s important to mention that plenty of top 10 ranking teams have relatively affordable ticket prices. This is because a lot of these cities have a relatively low cost of living compared to New York City (Knicks are well about $200 for nosebleed seats) and Los Angeles. If you’re the betting type you can take the money you would have spent on the Knicks. According to the numbers at you can triple your money. Even, the number 1 team in the East, The Milwaukee Bucks, have an average ticket price of around $60. Think about that. You have the chance to see Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo live and in action doing what people thought was impossible: contend for the title of Champion. Meanwhile, the Knicks are tied with The Cavs and The Atlanta Hawks for dead last. $200 a pop for a losing team.

The absolute cheapest

The cheapest tickets in the entire league are the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs are till kind of getting their game in order after the departure of arguably the greatest basketball star playing today: Lebron James. It doesn’t mean you can’t see Kyrie Irving do his thing on the court and wow a crowd with undeniable skill. Tickets for the Cleveland Cavaliers average at around $45, with $5 parking and $9 beers. A whole family will, on average, cost a little over $200. This is compared to, let’s say, The Los Angeles Lakers (RIP Kobe), that offers an average $180 per ticket and $15 parking at Staples Center. You’re looking at almost $800 in L.A. for the entire family to see them.

Cheapest top 10 teams

The cheapest tickets for a top 10 team would be the Indiana Pacers and The Dallas Mavericks. The Pacers and Mavericks both currently hold #5 spots in the league, and represent the second and third most affordable ticket options. They both average around $55 USD per ticket and cost roughly $260 for the whole family. Both teams have had tremendous winning streaks are absolute shoe ins for the playoff games. Watching them now will be a steal compared to the ticket prices a few months down the line. Plus, the way they play, there’s a decent chance you get to feel the energy of a winning team and a crowded stadium. Game-making shots and hotdogs for everybody!

NBA games are always going to be a bit pricey, but that’s just part of the culture. It’s a globally popular sport with people coming from all over the world just to experience what it’s like in these stadiums with their superstars. With teams like the Bucks having a ticket price that most people can save up for, one doesn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to see fantastic ballers like Giannis do what Giants does.