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Top-Notch Tips and Tricks to Local SEO for Plumbers

Create a website and online presence for your plumbing business that will reach your customers. Here are some of the best tips for local SEO for plumbers. Also, you can visit this site to find the Best Online Plumbing Schools in case you are searching for them.

As a business owner with a passion for plumbing, you need to stand out from the competition. SEO or search engine optimization is a way to get your plumbing website to the top of the local search rankings. Here are some of the best SEO tips and tricks to help make the most of your company website and help you connect with your customers.

Local Listings

The old ways of searching through the yellow pages to find a business are long gone. Now, with a few taps on their smartphones, customers can find the closest plumbing business to them, and find all they need to know about the business.

To make sure customers find you, you need to set up a Google my Business page. A Google Business Page is a local listing service that finds businesses closest to where the user is searching. It will often come up with a map and a few other local listings nearby. By keeping your local listing information up to date it is another way for customers to find you and get your plumbing business listed in the Maps section of a search.

Setting up your Google My Business Profile is easy, but it does take a bit of time. Enter your company information and make sure your address, email, and telephone are correct. You can also include your category of business and company information as well as photos and a link to your website. Be sure this information is correct and consistent. You can benefit from SEO if you can assess the best practices promptly through your dedicated consultant or agency. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is. SEO for franchises will help you get the most out of Google to gain exposure right where you and your clients are.


Your website is the primary way for customers to find you and learn about the services you offer. You want to make sure to avail web design and development services to make it attractive, easy to navigate, and provides all the essential information in an easy to find a place. Also, be sure to list your business name, address, and phone number on the bottom footer of every page.

Attractive photos and videos also keep customers on your page longer and can provide vital company information. Many companies like Video Animation for Plumbing Business offer services to help plumbers create custom videos for their websites to help them stand out.

It is essential to optimize your website through keywords and meta-tags so that search engines can easily find the information users are looking for. If you need help optimizing your website talk to a Chicago SEO company who can advise you on the best way to do it.


Citations are listings of your business on other sites and directories such as local business directories, trade listings, and industry listings. It is important that your Name, Address, and Phone number are correct and consistent in all the listings. The more listings you are a part of the more search engines see your business as legitimate and connected.

Social Media

Social media is not just for sharing pictures of your dog anymore (though that could help). It is a vital place for sharing information about your plumbing business and for connecting with future and current customers. Have some handy plumbing tips? Why not share them with your local neighborhood group? This can help build trust and company recognition.

Be sure to set up a company page on Facebook that lists your business info, hours, location, and how customers can reach you.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important for your SEO rankings and in finding new customers. Most new customers will refer to the reviews before booking with a new company. Good reviews can also help you climb up the search engine ranks.

Ask happy customers to leave reviews on your website. An easy way to do this is to send a thank you email at the end of each service call with a link to your google review page. Most happy customers will be happy to leave a review.