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Top Online Casino Games

Ten Games for You to Enjoy and Choose From

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Convenience, no doubt, is one of the main reasons why online casinos are rapidly growing in popularity. Then there is the thrill of the game, where jackpot draws can result in big financial payoffs in the privacy, safety and comfort of your own home. Factor in the built-in adrenaline rush; the advanced technology; the lack of distractions from other players at a land-based casino; the ease of use; the numerous payment options; the customization of the experience, the often enticing promotions; and, in some cases the free games, and ‘tis the season for online casinos and slots online!

According to published reports, more than 160 million people worldwide gamble online using their smartphones alone.

With continued growth in the number of competing online casinos, you must choose your at home gambling destination wisely. At, the best online destinations are showcased by the most experienced reviewers, taking the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on playing your favorite games…and bringing home the bucks!

The Best Games to Choose From

“Variety is the spice of life,” of course, with the growing number of online casino games offering the thrill and excitement of a real casino, and the chance to win. And what follows are 10 of the traditionally favorite games to choose from:

1. Slots
Arguably the most common gambling experience, the variety of online slot machines are enhanced by the graphics and the sounds, and they feature an endless well of themes (including Wild Wild Spin, Down Under Gold Slot, Gorilla Grand Slot, Beauty of the Nile Slot, and Classic Cash 777 Slot). You can win real money and have just some plain old good fun at the same time.

2. Roulette
As one of the oldest and most popular casino games, a simple spin of the wheel could result in some large earnings. It’s a game of chance via American, European and French roulette, and it could be your lucky day!

3. Blackjack
The objective of the game is to beat the dealer, with 21 the big payoff. Online blackjack enables you to customize your experience, while playing at your own pace, anyplace and anytime.

4. Video Poker
The big variants, like Jokers Wild and Deuces Wild are at your fingertips, while casino bonuses can maximize your winning potential.

5. Baccarat
In baccarat, you place a bet on either the player or the dealer to win, with the big number you want them to hit a 9. But, unlike blackjack, the play continues until one player gets close enough to the winning total. There is no bust.

6. Keno
Players wager by choosing numbers ranging from 1 through normally 80. After all players make their wagers, 20 numbers are drawn at random, either with a ball machine similar to ones used for lotteries and bingo or with a random number generator. The player is paid based on how many numbers were chosen, the number of matches out of those chosen, and the wager.

Rather than selecting the numbers on your own, you can also choose the Quick Pick button to have the system pick them for you.

7. Sic Bo
You predict what the roll of the dice will be, then roll the dice. If your numbers come up, you will win. Each bet comes with a different payout and you can bet on multiple outcomes at once (just like in roulette).

8. Craps
You roll the dice and the players see real results streamed live from a gaming studio somewhere else in the world. Craps is a game of luck, and it can certainly pay of online. There are fast deposits and payouts for players, and bonuses and promotions are offered.

9. Hold’em
A variation of poker, you play against the dealer instead of the other players. If you have a better hand than the dealer, you will receive even money for your bet. However, if you have a weaker hand, the house wins and you will lose your bets plus your ante.

10. Bingo
When you play the classic game of bingo online, the cards are randomly chosen by the casino software. You can choose to get new cards with different numbers, and there are different variations of the game including 90-ball, 80-ball and 30-ball bingo games.

No matter what game you choose, will tell you the best destinations to enjoy them at.