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Top Online Crypto Games in 2022

Cryptocurrency has grown to be a billion-dollar gaming industry thanks to blockchain technology that has enabled the global trading of NFTs (non-fungible/equivalent tokens). Playing in digital economies can now result in earnings.

These play-to-earn activities allow you to enjoy their gameplay in various ways, such as completing quests, breeding the inbuilt game character, conducting battles, and many other ways.

These gaming activities will result in you receiving in-game currency, which can be used to purchase the NFTs that will be directly transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet and later traded or sold for coins or tokens.

It is how you get paid from playing crypto games. It is also the central encouragement for you to engage in these games actively. Active playing contributed to the increment in popularity of these play-to-earn games. Choose and play at the Best Crypto Gambling Sites. The following discussion shows the top online crypto games in 2022.

1. Gods Unchained

It is established by the same team at the back of an Ethereum scaling result called Immutable X. This game runs on Ethereum, and it uses the Immutable X. Decentralized applications may trade beyond 9000 transactions per second (TPS) without fees.

In God’s Unchained, you fight with other players with core cards, genesis cards, and a deck of cards. Core cards are earned freely after playing this game.

Also, you can buy card packs that can be used to skip the grinding procedure. However, these card packs are no longer produced, but you can purchase them from other players or sell them if the need arises in the marketplace, Immutable X.

Ethereum is used as a currency in Immutable X, meaning that you will need a supported wallet like MetaMask to trade. Every card has its rarity and stat, whereby the more rare cards are more expensive.

This game needs you to register an account, and being a new player; you will be given a starter pack of free cards.

The cryptocurrency token of this game is called the GODS token, an ERC-20 token. This token has a voting power that enables you to engage in bureaucratic proposals, influencing how the game will develop in the future.

2. Plant VS Undead

In this game, you manage a farm and bring about the in-game basket called LE (Light Energy) tokens. These tokens can be merchandised on numerous decentralized exchanges after being converted to cryptocurrency tokens.

Earning LE will need you to perform daily duties, watering things in the farm surrounding, predominantly plants, and harvesting seeds. You can sell NFT plants in the marketplace. It means you can decide to concentrate on sales on the NFT marketplaces or plant some plants and obtain the light tokens that can be converted to PVU.

3. Decentraland

It is a 3-dimensional virtual real-world crypto game powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Here, you can survey lands and establish unique avatars & contents with your preferences.

You can put the MANA coin in use to trade a variety of items. Decentraland also gives you the freedom to change along in the company of NFT Marketplace. What enables Decentraland to have ultra-quality graphics is the presence of VR experiences gameplay.

4. Binemon

It is an upcoming NFT game run on a Binance Smart Chain. Binemon allows you to propagate and bring simulated NFT pets and let them contest in battles to obtain the rewards. It consists of two actions, Player-versus-player (PvP) and Player–versus-environment (PvE).

In Binemon, you can collect the Mons and other Ambrosia (AMB) items. You can use this AMB to upgrade and empower your Mons. Mons’ eggs are classified into four races that players can randomly get when purchased from the Binemon marketplace. These races include dog, cat, titan, and unicorn.

5. The Sandbox

This game also has high-quality graphics and the same gameplay concept as that of Decentralant. A utility token, the SAND, is used to do trading of the digital lands in the marketplace.

In the Sandbox, you are supposed to consider your methods of fabricating content while learning the experience of Minecraft, which has items and scenery in block forms; if you want to earn highly in Sandbox, trade objects, and lands, and exhaust all in-game tasks.

6. Axie Infinity

It was the first NFT game to reach 1 billion US dollars in sales in 2021. Axie Infinity’s active users are beyond one million. It is the most known NFT game and the highest revenue generating compared to others.

In this game, you create a team of creatures known as Axis, which you use to battle other players or fight enemies in the Arena mode and Adventure Mode.

Axie Infinity involves two cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Token and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). The latter is obtained after reaching Axie Infinity’s PVP leaderboard, and you can receive an SLP after winning a PVP Arena or PVE Adventure.

To participate in his game, you will be required to purchase three Axis in the marketplace. It is essential to know that an SLP token is habitually burned whenever a new Axie is propagated to control induced inflation in the game.

7. The Gala Games

In these games, trading is allowed for tokens and in-game items. Its crypto games include Spider Tank, Echoes of Empires, Mirandus, Fortified, and Town Star. Gala also introduced other games such as Legacy, Last Expedition, and The Walking Dead in 2021 Dec.

The Spider Tank, an upcoming game in 2022, is a Free-to-play game with play-to-earn techniques that use cutting-edge blockchain technology. This game has a variety of game modes whereby it can enable you to play in a team with three players, so you can easily win a competition.


There are other top play-to-earn games, including Age of Rust and Illuvium. These games have become more reliable because of the recent implementations, allowing you to gain more control in commanding your in-game assets. The above are the top games worth consuming your time whenever you want to play-to-earn.