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Top Reasons to Get a Portable Monitor

Portable devices are becoming more popular as the world changes from an office environment to more dynamic settings. Even though PCs will probably never become obsolete due to their sheer capabilities, some sectors use laptop, tablet, and other portable device models as mobile workstations.

A mobile system typically trades some of the computing power or budget for portability and ease of use. Recently, portable monitors like Lumonitor have become more widely used as people appreciate the benefits these devices bring to a desktop or laptop setup.

Getting a Bigger Screen for Work

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find a 15.6-inch laptop that has excellent specifications for the price. Newer models focus on shedding as much weight as possible while maintaining workability, which often results in screens that are 13 to 14 inches wide. If you want to upscale a powerful laptop to a 15.6 diagonal, why not consider a portable monitor of that size? Since the monitor can also connect to other devices, you’re free to adapt and still benefit from the increased size. Alternatively, you can use other mobile devices or the PC to get more work done.

Lumonitor also features a 4K resolution screen. You get stellar picture quality by using the portable monitor as a primary screen, or you can keep it as a secondary option to increase the available screen size.

Turning the Phone Into a PC

Smartphones are getting better by the month, with new releases boasting increasingly powerful specifications. Their CPUs and GPUs are capable of working with larger devices without an issue. You could get a lot of work done on a smartphone, if it weren’t for the comparatively small screen size. That’s where a portable monitor can save the day. By connecting the phone directly to the monitor, you can get a robust mobile workstation while on the move.

A larger screen size drains more battery power, which is why conventional portable monitors are rarely used alongside smartphones. Lumonitor solves this issue by introducing a built-in 8000mAh battery. With the new USB-C protocol, the monitor can also charge the smartphone (and vice versa) when it gets drained. The monitor also inherits the touchscreen capability from the native device, allowing you to operate it without using a keyboard.

You can also use a portable monitor to experience mobile games on a larger screen. With an explosion of mobile titles, smartphone gaming has become a serious contender, with some devices specifically created for the task. With a monitor that can attach to other devices at will, you can game while traveling, then connect to an office PC for maximum benefits.

A Tool for Creativity and Showcasing

Designers, photographers, and other artists are typically bound to the device they use to create their pieces. However, a camera has paltry display screens incapable of showing the true extent of any craft. That’s where a powerful portable monitor comes into play. It can connect directly to a tablet or a camera and present images and video in 4K resolution on a 15.6 screen. All of which is much better on the eyes and showcases far more details. Photographers can even use it in nature to check the quality of the picture they just took.

Get the Most Out of Your PC

If you’re using a PC for work or play, you might want to consider adding an extra monitor. Some studies show a remarkable increase in productivity when using multiple monitors. Hence, it’s become increasingly rarer to find a person using only one monitor in their office or at home.

If you want a second monitor to get work done faster, but don’t want the hassle associated with an immobile device, a portable option might be just the thing. You can use it as a secondary monitor via the mini-HDMI or USB-C when needed, then carry it with you to use with a mobile phone or laptop. Since PCs typically have more than enough power, they can passively charge the monitor while connected to it.

Improving productivity can be as easy as getting an extra monitor to allow you better access to information. If you want to find out everything Lumonitor has to offer, check out the manufacturer’s website at