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Top Slot Games to Try Out

Once upon a time in the late 1800s a mechanical engineer named Charles D. Fey had a brainwave that would go on to create the world’s largest gambling industry more than a century into the future. Fed up with some of the very first rudimentary slot machines appearing in various Californian bars and saloons, Mr Fey decided to make some alterations himself. His main gripe when it came to these incredibly early slot machine examples was the fact that prizes had to be collected at the bar and were given in the form of a drink or a cigar. Now, Fey wanted the prize to be real coins, immediately dispensed from the slot machine itself. He set to work, and a few months later came out with the Liberty Bell slot, widely regarded as the world’s first genuinely commercial slot machine – click to play Slots Baby.

Oh how Charles D. Fey would be surprised at what his creation has resulted in! We don’t think we would be able to grasp the truly outrageous extent of the modern online slot market; it would be beyond even his wildest dreams. You simply cannot argue with that either, as these days there are over a thousand individual online slots on the market, as well as millions of gamblers who ply their trade in online casinos rather than physical ones. All seems lovely, doesn’t it? There is, however, one problem, and that is the fact that it can be incredibly hard to find a quality slot game to play in amongst so many. It’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but never fear, we are here to list a few of the top slots to try out.

Well Of Wonders

Well Of Wonders turned a lot of heads on its release, the main reason being that the developers Thunderkick have decided to completely do away with the classic reel mechanics employed by almost every other online slot on the market. During Well Of Wonders the symbols float out of an enchanted well in the middle of the play screen, without the need to conform to any kind of grid configuration or matrix.

This may sound unusual, but we actually found the game mechanics to be a lot easier to grasp than some online slots with multiple pay-lines. During Well Of Wonders you only have to match three symbols, and they don’t have to be in any particular order! Certainly something that is easier to remember than some of the ridiculously complicated pay-line orders.


Got to love those Ancient Romans, don’t you? You would be hard pressed to find another civilization that has had so much of an influence on the course of history, something that was definitely on the minds of the team over at Inspired Gaming when they created this remarkable slot game. The first thing to mention is that the HD graphics here are in the top 1% of all slots, making Centurion an incredibly beautiful game to play.

But here’s the thing all of us gamblers will care about the most: Centurion has four distinct bonus rounds, all of which play out more like little mini-games than simple slot bonus features. These can be immensely lucrative too, with over 5000x your stake on offer if you are lucky!

Immortal Romance

Now, this is actually quite an old online slot from Microgaming, however Immortal Romance continues to enthral a large number of players to this day. It is based on the classic Twilight vampire kind of theme, and this doesn’t just end with the game’s aesthetic. Oh no, Immortal Romance features four characters, and the story between them is directly reflective of the Twilight series plot.

You might still be wondering why so many people are still playing such an old slot, and here’s you answer. The bonus rounds during Immortal Romance are staggered so that each time you find enough scatter symbols to send you through to the Chamber Of Spins, a new chapter of the story is unveiled. It all makes for one of the most immersive online slot titles we have ever played.

The Codfather

Would this article ever be complete without mentioning The Codfather, an online slot with one of the best themes we have genuinely ever seen. The action all centres around an underwater aquatic gangster who is called the Codfather (no prizes for guessing what kind of animal he resembles), and his quest for a new set of henchman.

Now, most gamblers will tell you that the main attraction from this slot comes from the hilarious theme, however it must also be said that the Codfather appears to be a rather genous chap as well. As the potential pay outs here are off the scale! Another cracking slot from NetEnt that we couldn’t recommend more.


Big Time Gaming really pushed the proverbial boat out with Bonanza, a slot with a ton of special features, some of which are rare to find anywhere else. One of the main things we loved about this slot were the mining carts full of symbols that fall over the reels from time to time, releasing a load of special multiplier and wild symbols.

It is an innovative concept, and also one that will keep you on your toes throughout your reel spinning session on Bonanza. No more almost falling asleep as you leave the reels spinning on auto-play! This is a game that will require your full concentration, the rewards can be scintillating.

Legend Of Cleopatra

The Ancient Egyptian civilization was around in some shape or form for a truly remarkable 3000 years, and so it is no surprise that online slot developers regularly use them as a theme for their titles.

Legend Of Cleopatra is one such game from developers Playson, and boy is it good! The graphics are impeccably clear, but this slot really comes into its own during the free spins bonus round – it isn’t often you find one this good.