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Top Things to Consider When Buying a Golf GPS Watch 

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A golf GPS watch is one of the best investments a golfer can make, but how do you choose which is the best golf GPS watch

The market for golf GPS watches is ever-growing and with that so the competition. There is an extensive list of options available which range in functionality. The best feature of a GPS watch is that it simplifies an incredibly difficult game – regardless of how much assistance it provides. You can buy watches which provide you with simply front, middle, back distances or one which acts as a caddie on your wrist. 

With their being so many options available it can be somewhat a minefield in determining which GPS watch will be best for you. Therefore, we have put together the following list of consideration so you can make as sound of a decision possible. 

What is important to consider when purchasing a GPS watch?

Before bombarding you with information and the do’s and don’ts of purchasing a golf watch. These considerations will be different for different individuals, also some will be easier to deviate from than others. When buying a golf watch unless you have an unlimited budget it is likely you will have to reach some personal compromise in order to get the best GPS watch for your game. However, it could be that you are able to find the perfect watch for you at a very reasonable price, so let’s look at what factors you should consider. 


With GPS watches there is an extensive range in prices (especially since TAG HEUER brought out their GPS watch). At varying price points, it is often the case that the functionality differs so more often than not you can set your budget based on what functionality you want from your golf GPS watch. 

For most people, having a larger budget when purchasing a golf watch can lead to being too indecisive, therefore, we think it is a good idea to choose a budget based on what you want from a watch because for most people this will whittle down your options and ensure you buy a GPS watch best suited to your needs. 


GPS watches can provide you with a range of information from front, middle, back numbers to specific club selections. If you are wanting certain functionality from a golf GPS watch there will be a number of watches which offer that functionality but with it there may be other functions you do not want or feel necessary, therefore, it is always worth finding out exactly what every watch does to make sure you are getting the best watch to do what you require. 

Ease of use

Navigating around a GPS watch seems like it will be easy but not every GPS watch is easy to use. Some watches are touchscreen and others use buttons. It is personal preference as to which you prefer but it is a major factor nonetheless. There are some GPS which are easy to navigate through the information, whereas some can be quite complicated if you are not particularly tech savvy. If you feel like you might get stuck using a specific GPS watch it is probably best to leave it and choose another model. 

Course collection size 

If you stick to one course and never travel to play golf you are welcome to skip this section. However, if you love to globe trot and play new and unique golf courses this will need to be something of serious consideration. Brands such as GOLFBUDDY and Garmin come with over 40,000 golf courses, which are solid options for golfers who play globally. 


Modern golf GPS watches are constantly improving with accuracy, most within one or two yards (some claim to be even more precise). If you want distances factoring in elevation change the Bushnell ION ELITE features slope technology; providing accurate distances accounting for whether you are below or above the target. 

Battery life 

Every golf GPS watch will last 18 holes and beyond. This is more for those who play multiple rounds in a short period of time, to save charging it frequently. The other reason to consider battery life is because certain watches double as every-day watches so you may want a watch you can play multiple rounds a week with and wear it daily without charging it daily. 


If you wear a watch the best advice is to purchase a GPS watch with a similar design, this way it will feel similar to the watch you wear on a daily basis. There are witches which are incredibly simplistic and others which are incredibly futuristic. It is up to you which styling you prefer.