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Top TV Shows That Need to Be Remade

Our Picks for the Series Worth Revisiting

It seems that this decade we are all about the remakes, both with movies and with TV shows, too. Recycling a tried and tested old idea makes great sense, plus it’s easier than coming up with something completely new. At least that is what the networks are hoping for.

While we have some pretty amazing original shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things”, there is something about revisiting an old classic that both tugs on the nostalgic heartstrings of those old enough to remember the original series, as well as introduces the younger audience to a great legacy franchise.

We’ve had plenty of remakes recently including the upcoming “Heathers” reboot on Paramount Network, “Dynasty,” “Lost in Space,” “90210″ and “MacGyver.” There is something to be said for taking a solid, successful idea and giving it another spin, although TV producers do need to realize that it’s execution that counts not just a killer idea!

So with that being said, I want to check out some franchises that I really think need another remake – and that would totally crush it in 2018 if executed correctly.

“The Twilight Zone”

The original “Twilight Zone ran from 1959-1964 – almost 60 years ago! The show was a series of standalone episodes, each with a different story and theme, generally in the sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense genres. Episodes often had a strange and unexpected twist at the end, often clever and/or shocking.

The show also saw runs from 1985-1989 and 2002-2003, respectively. While bingeable series these days generally concentrate on ongoing story lines, I think that an episode of “The Twilight Zone” on the train ride home from work each day could be the perfect palate cleanser after the office, without having to keep track of a story across episodes.

Is the “Twilight Zone” set for a return, we truly hope it is!


Soap operas have been a stalwart of daytime television for decades. I remember gleefully indulging in daytime soaps on days home sick from school. “Days of Our Lives” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” will probably still be here when cockroaches take over the world after inevitable nuclear war!

“Passions” was a TV soap opera running from 1999-2008 that bucked the trend, though. While regular soap operas are over the top, “Passions” went balls to the crazy.

The show featured Tabitha the witch who sunk the Titanic and Timmy the doll she brought to life, Precious, the orangutan nurse who fell in love with dreamy Luis, and that one story arc where Charity was turned into a zombie by her love-rival, Kay, after Kay sold her soul to the devil.

We could all use more stupid-crazy in our lives, I’d be happy with a loose remake of “Passions.”

“Las Vegas”

Glitz! Glamour! Behind the scenes action! “Las Vegas,” which ran from 2003-2008, had it all, plus a slew of sexy stars including Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims, and Nikki Cox. The show centred around the lives of the team at the Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, and all the wild and wonderful situations that naturally, only happen in Vegas.

Just not real enough. Needs some grit to be a classic

I’d love a bit of a grittier remake of this show. Obviously, there’s plenty of glitz and glamour in Vegas, but there’s plenty of grime and grit too – as fear and loathing in Las Vegas will attest to. Somewhere between the two of these is where I’d like to see the remake. What do you think?

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

An essential cult classic, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was compulsive viewing for people all over the world throughout 1996-2003, and even launched the spin off TV show, “Angel.” Featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar as our heroine, the series revolved around this seeming airhead but actual bad-ass butt-kicking babe as she battled vampires, demons, and monsters, alongside her pals in the “Scooby Gang”, Willow (as played by Michelle Hannigan), and Xander, along with tag along characters at various times.

Pop culture references, a loveable central character that was a bit of a misfit, but grew throughout her journey, and plenty of other worldly occurrences made this a must-watch. If someone was able to do a good remake of Buffy I’d be glued to my screen for weeks, but for now Sci-Fi’s The Magicians is filling the Buffy void.

“Sex and the City”

Has it been long enough between cosmos for them to do a “Sex and the City” remake? If you ask me it has! “Sex and the City” ran from 1998-2004 and was hugely popular (and it has spawned off two theatrical movies to-date). The story followed the set of four friends, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, as they navigated life, love, work, and being boss bitches in New York City as single-ish 40-somethings, as narrated by Carrie, the central character of our series.

The show was revolutionary and well made, and I’m ready for a little more of it. Perhaps a remake could be set on the West Coast, or even the girls living as experts in a glamorous European city. Would you watch a “Sex and the City” remake?

“The Walking Dead”

Now, hear me out here. I know that “The Walking Dead” is still on television. But I also stopped watching after around the 5th season. Why’s that? Well I really, really love me some zombies. There’s nothing more than I like seeing on TV than zombies. And the zombies on “The Walking Dead” are epic. I also love the cinematography on “The Walking Dead.”

What don’t I love? Whinging characters that I couldn’t care less about. Whinge, whinge, whinge! I mean, are you serious? I haven’t seen so many pained looks and long pauses since the last time I watched “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I want badassery, not whinging. Cool premise, but I want something a little more from my zombie shows. And no, “Fear the Walking Dead” was no better.

Which series would you like to see rebooted or remade? Make sure to let us know in the comments what would really get you salivating in front of the TV again.