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Top YouTube to MP4 Converters for Downloading Videos

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YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform, with billions of videos available for free streaming. Many users want to download YouTube videos to watch offline on devices or archive them permanently. However, YouTube does not allow direct video downloads from its platform. That’s where dedicated YouTube to MP4 converter tools come into the picture. These tools can download YouTube videos in MP4 format for easy offline playback.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 YouTube to MP4 converters to help you seamlessly download videos from YouTube.

Why Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Format?

Before looking at the converters, let’s first understand why MP4 is the most popular format for downloading YouTube videos:

  • Compatibility

The MP4 format offers wide device compatibility across mobiles, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and other platforms. MP4 is also widely supported by video software.

  • Quality 

 MP4 is capable of preserving HD and 4K quality when videos are converted from YouTube to MP4. Other formats may degrade quality.

  • Smaller Size

MP4 uses modern video compression for smaller file sizes. This enables saving storage space while retaining quality.

  • Easy Sharing 

The MP4 file format can be easily shared across devices and platforms for playback.

  • Enhanced Playback

Features like streaming, chapters, meta-data etc. are better supported in MP4 format.

In summary, the MP4 format provides the best combination of quality, compatibility and features for downloaded YouTube videos. Now let’s look at the top converters to download YouTube to MP4.

Best Online YouTube to MP4 Converters


SSyoutube is a popular free online tool with over 1 million daily users to download YouTube videos. It has a straightforward interface requiring just copying and pasting the YouTube video link, selecting MP4 format and resolution, and clicking download. No registration or installation needed. Videos can be downloaded up to 720p HD quality without limits. However, 1080p Full HD downloads require free user registration. Overall, SSyoutube is a quick and hassle-free option for basic YouTube downloading needs.

OnlineVideoConverter provides a simple way to convert and download YouTube videos to MP4 format online. Just paste the YouTube link, choose MP4 as output, adjust resolution if needed, and click convert to start downloading the video. The tool supports MP4 downloads up to 1080p Full HD quality without requiring registration. Unlimited downloads are available and there are no annoying ads on the site. OnlineVideoConverter also allows extracting MP3 audio from YouTube videos.


Ripyoutube is a popular online video converter and downloader for YouTube and 400+ other sites. It can download YouTube videos in MP4 and hundreds of other formats without limits or registration. Users can optionally customize output quality, trim/crop videos before downloading, and access advanced settings. ClipConverter provides a clean interface without annoying popups or ads making it easy to use the website for quick YouTube video downloads.

Advantages of Online Converters

  • Instant access from any device with web browser
  • No software installation required
  • Simple copy-paste interface
  • MP4 downloads available for free up to 720p or 1080p
  • Unlimited downloads without registration
  • Additional features like MP3 audio extraction

However, online tools have lower maximum quality limited to 1080p and slower speeds compared to desktop software options.

VLC Media Player – Powerful YouTube to MP4 Converter

VLC is an open-source, free media player application for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms. In addition to playing various media files, VLC is equipped with powerful encoding capabilities to convert and download online videos from YouTube and other sites.

To use VLC for downloading YouTube videos, first install it on your computer. Next open VLC, click on Media > Open Network Stream, paste the YouTube link and play the video stream. Then go to Media > Convert/Save and select MP4 format while setting the desired resolution and output destination. Finally, click Convert/Save to download the YouTube video in MP4 format on your device.

Pros of VLC YouTube Converter:

  • 100% free and open source software
  • No limits on downloads or video quality
  • Can convert to MP4 and a wide range of other formats
  • Advanced encoding settings and options
  • Hardware acceleration for fast conversion speeds
  • Wide device compatibility

Cons of VLC:

  • More steps compared to dedicated downloader tools
  • Need to install VLC player on computer first
  • Lack of mp3 only audio download options

In summary, VLC offers unlimited downloads and maximum flexibility for power users wanting to convert YouTube videos to MP4 or other formats.

Savieo – Intuitive YouTube Downloader for PC

Savieo is a clean, ad-free YouTube video downloader designed for Windows and Mac computers. It provides an intuitive interface to download videos in MP4 format with just one click. Simply paste the YouTube link and click the download icon to save the video in original quality. Savieo uses multiple native connections for fast download speeds.

The free version allows downloading YouTube videos up to 720p HD resolution. For premium features like 4K quality, ad blocking, and downloading entire playlists, pricing starts at $14.95. Overall, Savieo offers a streamlined downloader optimized for casual YouTube downloads in MP4 format. The premium version unlocks conveniences for power users.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist and easy to use downloading workflow
  • Direct MP4 download preserving original quality
  • 720p HD resolution supported in free version
  • Multiple connections for fast download speeds
  • Download playlists and channels (premium)
  • Available resolutions up to 4K UHD (premium)
  • Ad-free experience with premium plans

TubeMate – Top App to Download YouTube Videos on Mobile

Just paste the YouTube link in TubeMate, select video quality, and tap the download button. Background downloading and MP3 conversion are also supported.TubeMate Pro unlocks additional features like 4K video downloads, removing ads, faster speeds, and multi-connections. The app provides a clean interface without annoyances like ads or popups. Overall, TubeMate is the highest rated app for effortlessly downloading YouTube videos on smartphones and tablets.

Key Benefits of Using TubeMate:

  • Free app with intuitive interface optimized for mobiles
  • Fast downloading and conversion to MP4
  • Download 1080p HD and even 4K quality (Pro version)
  • Extract and download MP3 audio
  • Seamless background video downloading
  • No ads or annoying pop-ups

Addoncrop – Chrome Extension for Instant Video Download

Addoncrop is a handy Chrome extension with over 500,000 users to instantly download YouTube videos. After a simple one-time installation, you’ll see a ‘Download’ button below every YouTube video. Just click it to immediately download the video in MP4 format in original quality.

Addoncrop utilizes Chrome’s native downloading capability for faster speeds without slowing down your device. It can download videos up to 8K resolution depending on availability. The free plan allows 60-minutes of usage per day with unlimited downloads. For unlimited use, pro registration is available. Overall, Addoncrop offers the easiest and fastest way to download YouTube videos on desktop Chrome.

Benefits of Using Addoncrop:

  • Direct in-browser downloading, no external software
  • Extremely simple one-click downloads
  • Fast download speeds leveraging Chrome integration
  • Download up to 8K ultra-HD quality
  • No file size limits imposed
  • Free registration option for unlimited use

Ripyoutube – Full-Fledged YouTube Download Software

Ripyoutube is a powerful, well-known desktop software with over 20 million users worldwide to download YouTube videos on Windows and Mac. The free software can download videos in original quality up to 8K resolution without any restrictions. Just copy-paste the YouTube link and click ‘Download’.

The software also allows downloading entire YouTube playlists and channels in one go. Users can customize options like video format, subtitles, filenames, and metadata before downloading. Additional features include proxies, scheduling, extraction of MP3 audio, and more. Overall, Ripyoutube provides the most control and flexibility for downloading videos from YouTube.

Key Features:

  • Download up to 8K quality YouTube videos
  • Convert to MP4, MKV, AVI, MP3, and other formats
  • Download subtitles, playlists, channels, comments
  • Customize filenames, metadata, proxies, scheduling
  • Free software with no limits on downloads
  • Available for Windows and Mac computers

Step-by-Step Guide to Download YouTube Videos

Though features vary based on the tool, the general workflow for downloading YouTube videos is simple:

  1. Copy Link – First copy the link to the YouTube video from address bar
  2. Paste in Tool – Now paste the link in the selected downloader tool
  3. Select MP4 Format – Choose MP4 format and preferred resolution
  4. Download – Finally, click the Download button to convert and save the video

For mobile apps like TubeMate, the process involves tapping intuitive icons instead of copy-pasting links. The core steps remain the same. Refer documentation of the specific tool for exact instructions tailored to the platform.

Key Takeaways – Choosing the Best YouTube Converter

  • Online tools like SaveFromNet offer quick web-based downloading but limited to 720p or 1080p quality in free versions.
  • VLC Media Player is free and supports highest quality, but involves a few extra steps compared to dedicated downloader tools.
  • Savieo provides a minimalist interface for easy YouTube downloading up to 720p, with 4K quality in premium version.
  • TubeMate is the top app for mobile devices to download YouTube videos in MP4 format up to 1080p or 4K resolution.
  • Addoncrop Chrome extension enables ultra-fast downloading with one-click browser integration but has usage limits in free version.
  • Ripyoutube is the most full-featured software to download YouTube playlists, channels and customize settings, but could be overkill for casual needs.
  • Online converters are the fastest way to get started downloading YouTube videos without installing any software.
  • Desktop tools like VLC and Ripyoutube offer the most flexibility and highest quality options for power users.
  • Mobile apps like TubeMate are designed specifically for downloading YouTube videos on smartphones and tablets.
  • Browser extensions can instantly download videos with a single click thanks to tight integration with the browser.
  • Premium and Pro versions unlock additional features like higher quality downloads, removing ads etc. but come at a price.
  • Trying 2-3 options first will help identify the right fit based on individual user needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is designed as a streaming platform, making it difficult to download and save videos. Third-party YouTube to MP4 converters bridge this gap enabling users to store videos offline on devices. We have covered the top 10 options across online tools, desktop software, mobile apps and browser extensions.

The best YouTube converter depends on specific needs – casual or power user, maximum quality required, device platform etc. Most users find success by testing a couple of options first and then deciding on the right fit. The tools listed in this guide offer an optimal combination of features, quality, speed and ease of use for downloading YouTube videos. Just be sure to use them only for personal use and avoid copyright violations by redistribution.