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Trade Capitol Review – A Professional-Level Trading Platform

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Trade Capitol Top Benefits 

Trade Capitol has the reputation of a professional-level trading platform, but it has broadened its appeal over the years to attract beginners and passive traders. The following are the main perks of investing with Trade Capitol. 

Superior trading tools

Trade Capitol is an integrated trading platform with robust and advanced tools to help traders make the most of online trading. Its desktop version features a suite of highly customizable functions that allow every trader to streamline the trading to their needs and goals. 

Broader market access 

Trade Capitol boasts a broader network of market centers worldwide. That allows its clients access to numerous foreign markets, including automated exchanges. More comprehensive market access ensures more flexibility for traders and investors who want to diversify their wealth across multiple global industries. 

A wide range of trading instruments 

Trade Capitol is an excellent brokerage for traders and investors who demand access to diverse investment opportunities. The broker offers a huge selection of asset classes and fixed-income products for retail traders and institutional investors. 

Cutting-edge industry research 

Trade Capitol also provides rich educational resources to help traders and investors make informed financial decisions. Their resources offer guidelines on starting online trading and other essential investment topics. The Trade Capitol’s investor education programs have multiple formats and languages for ease of use. 


Trade Capitol ranks highly among the best brokerage platforms for advanced international traders. That is mainly due to its sophisticated trading technology, robust product offerings, and extensive market research. However, Trade Capitol also has some constraints that could affect your trading with them. 


  • Superior trading technology 
  • Access to international markets 
  • Robust trading instruments 
  • Extensive investor education programs 


  • Trading tools can be overwhelming to beginners 
  • Trade Capitol is not accessible in some countries 

What is the Trading Experience on Trade Capitol?

Trade Capitol ‘s onboarding process is easy and straightforward. The broker allows you to open an account and test the platform for up to 90 days without finding it immediately. The trading experience on Trade Capitol is generally seamless since the venues share similar functions. 

Trade Capitol supports multiple trading platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile versions, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can trade similar asset classes and products on any of the platforms. Besides, traders also have access to real-time data streaming, charts, drawing tools, research, calculator, screeners, and news across all the platforms. 

While the Trade Capitol has streamlined all trading platforms with nearly similar tools, the desktop version is more robust, with sophisticated tools unavailable on the web and mobile versions. The former is built for expert traders, while the web and mobile platforms provide simplistic features best suited to beginners and passive traders.  

Product Offerings and Markets  

Trade Capitol also boasts one of the largest selections of asset classes in the brokerage industry. Besides, the broker regularly adds new products to its portfolio based on customer demand. The following are the main asset classes and products offered on Trade Capitol. 

  • Stocks (Long and short stocks)
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Crypto
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Bonds (Corporate, municipal, treasury, and others)
  • Forex 
  • Commodities 
  • Futures and Futures Options 

Trade Capitol supports international trading across more than 150 exchanges in over 20 countries worldwide. It allows you to trade one or more of the above products on multiple global markets from a single integrated account. 

Fees and Commissions 

Trade Capitol has eliminated minimum account deposits, domestic wire transfer fees, and checking fees. Besides, it has a zero commissions policy for stock trading. However, the broker’s tier-based pricing mechanism for other trades is a bit complex, especially for beginners. So, you should always check the detailed fee schedule on their website before placing any orders. 

Is It Safe to Invest with Trade Capitol?

Trade Capitol implements various measures to safeguard its clients’ investments, including 2FA, biometric authentication, insurance coverage, and cold storage options for crypto investments. Besides, the broker has not reported any security issues in recent years. Investing with Trade Capitol is generally safe, but you should also consider extra security measures to cushion your investments from common risks effectively. Also, contact this broker for further details. 

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