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Traders Union Experts Listed Paper Trading Apps in Europe in 2023

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Anyone can practice buying and selling specific stocks in a virtual or nearly virtual account where there is no danger of loss thanks to the notion of paper dealing. Trading can learn how a genuine market functions thanks to it. Because it is free to start dealing, a lot of knowledge could be gained while using the finest paper dealing platform that is recommended in this article.

Pay attention at these brokers

Founded in 2008, DEGIRO is a Dutch investing firm. Since 2013, the broker has been offering its services online. DEGIRO has offices in 18 European nations, with its current headquarters in Amsterdam. 

2007 saw the launch of the eToro broker. The business presents itself as a social dealing platform with dealers from over 140 different nations. The broker operates many divisions with licenses from various regulators and in different jurisdictions according to Traders Union.

Under the name Mint Global Markets, Inc., SpeedTrader is a stock market broker that first opened for business in 1999. 

One of the most well-known US investment firms, Interactive Brokers, has been in business since 1977.

Although the broker provides to trade currency pairings, its primary products include stocks, CFDs, indices, commodities, ETFs, futures, and other assets from the exchange market. 

Making the decision to utilize a chosen broker is the first step in the paper dealing process. There are many excellent possibilities for brokers, but it’s up to you to identify and choose the one that will work the best for you from the variety of Paper trading apps in Europe. Study the conditions and reviews of each broker on your list, then choose the one you want to work with. You should open an account as soon as you can to begin dealing after selecting a broker to rely on.

The process of setting up your account is, of course, the first step on the road to becoming a proficient dealer. Despite the fact that learning is a continuous process, it is still important to start somewhere. Start by experimenting with the app and testing out your dealing ideas. You’ll improve your skills and the effectiveness of your strategies as you work carefully at this.


Nonetheless, it is preferable for new dealers to take advantage of this chance to arm themselves with sufficient dealing knowledge before entering the real market. 

Before dealing with real money, a beginner can practice with paper dealing to develop good persistence, but until then, this journey can only be enjoyable if it is taken gradually.