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TradinBull Review – The Way Forward for Retail Traders

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Several elements come into play to make a successful trader. There’s skill, knowledge, discipline, luck, the right tools, etc. The bulk of this is internal, depending on the trader, and while the importance of luck as an external factor is debatable, the fact that a trader’s tools can make or break his trading career is not.

TRADINBULL offers its traders all they can need as they trade the market. Its vast array of advanced trading tools, numerous tradable assets, ever-present customer support, and many other features makes it a favorite among the trading circle. The platform has a practical design that serves pro traders with lots of experience under their belts and rookie traders who are just spreading their wings. 

In this review, we offer you a peek at the pros and cons of using this broker to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.


Numerous assets to choose from

TRADINBULL offers an extensive range of digital assets like stocks, cryptocurrency, indices, commodities, etc., all on the same platform. All these assets are available for trading in the same portfolio,  eliminating the need to open different accounts for different asset types. Better still is the fact that TRADINBULL frequently updates the list of available assets, adding more options to their selection at regular intervals. Traders planning to diversify their portfolio would find TRADINBULL a good fit. The lack of digital assets to choose from rarely affects users of the TRADINBULL platform.

Apt Market Assessment and research

TRADINBULL offers valuable insights about the market by providing in-house research articles, educational videos, commentary, etc. With access to economic calendars, customizable charts for technical analysis, and indicators for fundamental research, traders on the platform can make better and more informed decisions while trading. Fundamental analysis studies, sentimental indicators, technical analysis forecasts, charts, and recommended positioning are some of the features that TRADINBULL provides to help users trade more effectively. 

Reliable Customer Support

Users of the TRADINBULL platform enjoy quick and personalized support whenever they contact customer service. The customer service team is full of professional agents who offer helpful answers and quick resolutions to users’ problems. Traders using TRADINBULL can contact customer support via call or email whenever they need help with withdrawal issues and other problems. There’s also a FAQ section on the TRADINBULL official website where traders can find resourceful answers to basic questions.

Advanced Trading Tools

TRADINBULL features an inclusive list of simple and advanced tools for users of the platform. The instruments are intuitive, and learning them is straightforward. The advanced trading option comes with more features than simple trading. Traders can use these advanced tools to optimize their trading strategies and trade more flexibly. Features like a live order book, limit orders, indicators, charts, and other high-performance tools are available when using advanced trading options. The presence of this many tools means traders don’t feel restricted in their choices and can master more tools to improve their skills.


Fees could be lower

While TRADINBULL’s withdrawal and deposit fees are low, they are not the lowest in the industry. These fees can become significant if traders have to transfer funds into and out of their trading account frequently. The transaction fees on the platform vary depending on the assets traded. The charges are competitive for most products the platform offers, beating most of TRADINBULL’s competitors. TRADINBULL also has an inactivity fee which might cut into the profits of passive traders. Buyers who plan to use the buy-and-hold strategy should consider if it’d be worth it in the long run. 


TRADINBULL is a good fit for experienced traders who want access to all the tools and resources they need for a reasonable shot at success in their trading career. The broker offers a high level of support and a good selection of digital assets for users to trade, thereby providing a conducive trading environment for traders. While the fees might be higher than most, TRADINBULL’s powerful features and helpful resources make it quite a bargain for most traders. Find out more about TRADINBULL on its official website.


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