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Transforming Lives Through Communication: Story of Sayed Sayedy

Some people dedicate their whole lives towards being the best at their profession and pursuing a course that leads to success, while other extraordinary individuals within society simply aim to succeed by pushing others to success.

This distinctive way of thinking and doing in favor of other people speaks highly of the bright and educated Sayed Sayedy. Sayed is a peace activist in addition to being a social worker, educator, mediator, trainer, and many other things. He is an Afghan-born sociologist and was born in 1992. He finished his undergraduate studies in Parwan, and since then, he has worked as an activist and assistant in the educational institutions and schools with which he is affiliated, such as the German Adult Education Association.

Sayedy rates communication as the most important skill for any human. “Communication has always been the solution for me” said Sayedy. A person travelling to a new country or a refugee can very easily adapt to change when there is clear communication. An informed individual may put a stop to the misunderstandings that might spread during uncertain times and end up splitting a team.

Munich is home to the “Heroes against the Suppression in the Name of Honor” initiative. In order to assist those in need, Sayed is actively taking part in this effort as an integration counsellor. He offers assistance to migrants staying at the asylum. He assists them in determining the best path for advancing their careers as a job coordinator.  

Due of the elevated risk of conflict initiation, integration therapy is required in several social organizations. The best method to handle such circumstances in classrooms, community spaces, etc. is to become an expert in intercultural communication if that’s what it takes to overcome the conflicts. Sayed excels at conflict resolution via mediation and dialogue.

Most often, miscommunication occurs when refugees and migrants from various cultures interact and share opinions, comments, etc. It can be as a result of misunderstandings brought on by different languages. Sayed successfully prevents future acts of violence by serving as an interpreter between the diverse populations. 

A person cannot become intercultural competent overnight. The likelihood of intercultural cohabitation has increased as the number of refugees in all camps has grown. Sayed and other such volunteer workers will use the seminars to help the refugees comprehend the significance of any difficulties they may have in their life outside of the refugee camps.

When the foundation for trust has been laid and everyone is aware of their responsibilities and why they matter, communication between teams and people becomes easier and more efficient. When everyone is working together, increasing efficiency is as simple as carrying out the plan and waiting for the results. Never undervalue the importance of communication in a successful strategy!