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Transition From a Side Hustle to Full Time Freelance Work

Side hustle or side gig is a term used for the type of employment one undertake as a part time activity which result in producing substantial income. Despite the typical 9-5 job, the great benefit of side hustle is that it paves the way to pursue your dream job at the cost of your own convenience.

It is so appealing to say that with side hustle “You are your own boss, pursuing your own job, with your own set of strategies, producing your own desire of income at the comfort of your own flexibility”- solopreneur

Side hustle can be anything you do for your passion (anything you excel in), to build up a career, to explore a new skill and to get into a field that can yield you benefits both individually and financially keeping in mind the flexibility option. While considering it on a big scale as a full time job, there are many conditions attached to it.

Some instances of side hustle

  • freelance content writing
  • Photography
  • Cooking and baking
  • Baby sitting
  • Selling arts and crafts pieces
  • Teaching or coaching services
  • Selling home food and baked items 
  • Dealing in accessories
  • Providing any kind of labor services
  • Maintenance services
  • Product review services
  • Delivery services 
  • Painting and designing

Undergoing a shift- From side hustle to full time work

Owning a business and being on your feet may seem like a glamorous idea on one hand, but one does not appreciate the expected challenges attached to it during the phase. Repetitive work with side hustle makes you get the hang of your work to its expertise. Carrying out such a transition can be a success move because you are already aware of the highs and lows of the field. 

Transiting between a side hustle to a full time job is not a matter of a few hours but instead a complete change of responsibility in terms of roles, timings and dedication. Individuals consider navigation between the two must know the consequences and implications it may bring to the task.

There are no guarantees or proofs that a side hustle job may bring about the same success as compared to the full time job, since it completely depends on how well you are able to justify your strength and abilities on a higher ground. Side hustles lead to the passive income. 

This type of transition can be successful if you are turning the shift within the same company. Because of the fact that your work is well recognized and known by the industry and you are well familiar of the field you are indulging into.

For a smart and successful move, following points must be kept in mind.

  • Exercise before you quit the process

Early before the move, organize yourself and keep yourself ready for the change. Planning and analyzing is a great component of success. Be patient, Practice efficiency, schedule your routine, limit your stress, manage your tasks and create ease as much as possible. Make use of software, applications and options to deal with the process productively. Have possible procedures and supportive teams that can facilitate you before your quit your main gig.

Most importantly, once you have decided to quit your process, don’t look back; focus on the areas of achievement and be consistent with the goal. Practice everything before the actual switch.

  • Be sure about the right time to make the jump

The most important thing to keep in mind is to look for factors that ensure it as a smart move. Get market insights and list down potential opportunities. Risking up your benefits and security at the cost of full time job is scary so be sure that the jump should be realistic, attainable and profitable as well. 

  • Inquire about the scope/know how of the market worth

If the side hustle is injecting your bank account with enough amount of money, there is no implication that it will get you earn the same on the bigger platform. Before taking a move, one must see the scope and nature of expansion, the kind and the limitations of the service. Sometimes it seems very easy to operate on a smaller level but it is not worth to take it to the next level. Match your potential with market compatibility and fill in the gaps to meet the expectations.

  • Acquire expertise in the field

With side hustle , sometimes it feels like a real thing and many people start thinking it as a business itself, so before going through a big change , one must ensure that he/ she has all the required abilities and field-expertise to carry out the task efficiently. It is safe to say that this transition is an indication that you are not the first to experience the job but have enough insight about how to operate the task on its own. You can start a business website to book clients through it. Register and buy a domain name along with a web hosting plan to make it possible from ServerSea Hosting company.

  • Be honest and hardworking

“What you sow, you shall reap”. No field is valuable until you put your powers into it. Make sure that the struggle is real and honest. Try to put more hours into the new business with least expectation of returns. As a new entrepreneur, you have to deal with all type of circumstances so don’t judge every effort with financial success instead try to figure out opportunities of growth. Don’t panic, set up day to day tasks, make a checklist and be honest with every effort you put into the business. Don’t be overwhelmed, take breaks and you must be accountable for every circumstance you may undergo.

  • Take healthy inspirations from smart people

As a new startup, it is vital to surround yourself with people that thrive to make you win the game. Know their advice and get their valuable input. Build a smart community around, know about their skill and identify how they can help your business flourish.  Connect to people who have already make the successful move in the industry, know their story, and take healthy inspirations from them.