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Trendiest TV Series Of 2022: Top 5

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If we were to agree on a fact, we would admit that 2022 was a great year for films and television! There were tons of new releases that we just had to binge-watch. We also saw new seasons of some of the old faves we have desperately anticipated for.

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Due to the great selections available last year, many people probably had no time to play online blackjack or indulge in their other hobbies as they could barely leave the screens. Compiling this list was challenging, as we have at least a hundred favorites from last year. However, these five titles topped the list as some of the shows that trended the most this past year.


With this series perfectly matching last year’s vibe, it is no surprise that it was one of the year’s most popular shows. Certainly, this had many of us wondering if we would prefer all our memories intact at all times of the day or if we would like to separate our work memories from our personal lives.

Lumon Industries sounds like the perfect place to work and achieve productivity. However, is it all what it seems to be? We could understand the frustration of the staffers at Lumon, who were clueless about what they do immediately after they leave their jobs and figuring out how the organization managed to separate those memories. This corporate secrecy thriller kept our interest from start to finish; every second was worth it.

Better Call Saul

We’ve had a good run with Better Call Saul. If it was up to us, we would not mind one or two more seasons of the hit series but unfortunately, the series had its final season last year.

In the six beautiful seasons of the show, we experienced different genres, from an intense family drama to twisted romance, to dark comedy, and many other genres that we just could not get enough of. At some point, you wonder if you’re watching a comedy or a tragic show,  which the producers made us keep guessing.


We will admit that, like many other people, we didn’t know this series would turn out to be a hit. Thinking it would make a list of the best series from 2022 at the time was a far stretch. However, in retrospect, we can confidently argue that this show might as well be the best on Disney+ and one of the best Star Wars shows.

If you already have a favorite Disney+ show or a favorite Star Wars show, seeing this TV show will probably make you change your mind.

The Rehearsal

Nathan Fielder’s docu-fiction should be recorded in history! This prankster with his genius ideas and schemes will be in our hearts forever as the most awkward guy on a TV show. After watching the first episode, you’ll be asking yourself, “What did I just watch?”

Its awkwardness, new and weird feeling is a breath of fresh air. One thing is sure, you’ll be intrigued to see how this awkward production continues in the next episode.

The White Lotus

The first season of this TV show was simply a delight, and it had us patiently waiting for the next season to come. Thankfully, we were blessed with the second season last year; and it was all we hoped for and more.

This dark comedy-drama by Mike White was filled with dark secrets, and twisted truths. With the wild finale Mike White gave us, we are certain that the third season will be even better.


If you are yet to see any of these shows, then you should definitely consider checking them out. The new year is just starting, and you can watch these titles in your free time before enjoying whatever new wonders 2023 has to offer. We believe this year is definitely going to be better than the last, and we are here for it.