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Trends of Online Casino in 2022

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It is difficult to predict what will change in 2022 in the industry, given the experience with the coronavirus. However, keeping in mind the current situation in the industry, we can assume that 2021 trends in Vulkanbet casino online continue to be popular, and new developments will join them. We will talk about them.

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More countries legalize online casinos

In 2021 European countries such as the Netherlands, Ukraine and Greece officially regulated the sphere of iGaming. Next year, this trend will continue because of the undeniable benefits for the countries where it has been adopted. Check out

For example, operators will be able to legally attract players in previously closed Taiwan, which is about to open its web sites. Many jurisdictions have already felt the benefits of online casino development. 

While it is a great way for players to enjoy quality content, the authorities are filling their coffers with taxes from online gambling for real money. For gambling operators, it is a tremendous opportunity to expand their reach with new audiences and content.

Virtual Reality

Online gambling establishments have rapidly moved to the next level thanks to VR technology. Numerous live casino software providers have already introduced dozens of fully working pieces of content. Many operators rely heavily on virtual reality due to its great success in cyber gaming.

VR providers

A team of experienced developers has already implemented dozens of bespoke orders using their state-of-the-art technology. The software offered can be installed in addition to conventional entertainment, or with a focus on VR-oriented environments.

Microgaming’s first implementation of virtual entertainment was unveiled in 2016. As part of ICE Totally Gaming, the developer presented virtual roulette in a space setting.

Since then, the creator has continually released VR entertainment. 2022 will be no exception and is expected to attract even more players to this type of online casino games.

AI and machine learning

Supercomputers, advanced systems and mathematical algorithms have been used in online gambling for many years. Recently, their role has increased significantly and they are expected to be even more in demand in 2022.

Gambling platform owners are using AI and machine learning to analyze customer behavior and track customer preferences in order to create attractive products and casino bonus offers. Current gaming offers such as 50 free spins Vulkan Bet can be found here.  

In addition, such tools have proven highly effective in identifying users with gambling problems. Thus, the use of AI will become even more widespread.

Betting on smartwatches

When betting through these devices was first demonstrated in 2014, no one knew how successful the idea would prove to be. Nowadays, one can notice a huge growth in the quantity of gambling content accessible on smartwatches.

Experts foresee this niche reaching $90 billion by 2027, and online casinos will undoubtedly benefit from this. For games to work better on smartwatches, developers will likely have to create special apps. However, it is already possible to find special slots optimized for these devices.