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Tropicana Field VIP Box & Suites

It comes without saying that Tropicana Field suites offer the best treatment that any fan can ask for while attending an event. Fused with only the best perks and amenities, these luxury suites live up to their name and offer the most luxurious experience to their guests. From fine furnishings to the most spectacular views in the venue, the perks that a Tropicana Field VIP box offer is nothing short of impressive. So set your contemplation aside and grab the best tickets to these valuable suites before they sell out, and get ready to immerse yourself into a night of luxury and indulgence.

How To Buy Tropicana Field Suites & Boxes

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Also called The Trop, Tropicana Field is a major non-retractable domed MLB stadium in St. Petersburg. The address is at One Tropicana Drive. The stadium opened in 1990 as Florida Suncoast Dome. It has been home to the professional MLB team, the Tampa Bay Rays, since 1998. With a seating capacity of 25000 people, the field is the smallest MLB park by capacity. But it is not to say that the features that a Tropicana Field VIP box offers are less exciting. You’ll be able to enjoy some of the best perks and amenities when you get your hands on these suite tickets. It would be wise to secure these highly coveted tickets as soon as you can because they can face crazy demands among fans.

Many people would do anything they can to get a chance to experience the thrill and indulgence that come with Tropicana Field suites. However, not everyone gets a chance to experience it because these are highly exclusive tickets and get sold out quickly. These private suites are exciting seating options that come with a lot of exciting benefits that ensure a one-of-a-kind experience. No matter whether you plan to enjoy your time with your friends or family, you’ll be able to spot and book the perfect setting for a successful and remarkable experience. Make sure you’re not late in booking these exciting tickets for a highly engaging time at the event.

The venue boasts 70 luxury suites and 2776 Tropicana Field VIP Club seats. Visitors with suite tickets can get VIP club access to the Dex Imaging Home Plate Club, which has an exclusive buffet, recliner seats, and a private entrance. The Rays Club is another premium option that lies on the 100 level along the first base side. A Tropicana Field VIP box holder will also enjoy many exciting perks, which is one of the best things about luxury suites. You’ll get access to exclusive privileges like an in-seat attendant, in-suite catering, private restrooms, VIP parking, and a dedicated VIP event entrance at Gate 4.

There are many Tropicana Field VIP box options available. So, you have plenty of choices to select from for a grand and memorable experience. Since these private seating areas are filled with the best amenities, they are always in high demand. If you wish to experience the luxury of these seating areas, get them early. The first option is the Executive Suite which comes with 28 tickets and 6 VIP parking passes. These premium seating spaces are ideal for hosting business meetings or entertaining big events. The capacity is expandable to 34 tickets. The amenities that come with these suites include a dedicated entrance, in-suite catering, WiFi, a suite attendant, and HDTVs.

The Infield Suite and the Baseline Suite are Tropicana Field suites that come with 16 tickets, 3 VIP parking passes, and available catering each. The Infield Suite lies above the lower bowl in the infield and offers great views of the action on the field. The suites feature both interior and exterior seating, in-suite catering, HDTVs, a suite attendant, and private entry. The Baseline Suite is located directly above the lower bowl with impressive viewing angles. They offer amenities like in-suite catering, HDTVs, a private balcony, and more.

If you’re looking for spacious Tropicana Field suites, the Legends of Tampa Bay Suite might be an ideal choice. The suite features 22 tickets with 4 VIP parking passes. They lie behind home plate on the suite level and offer exceptional views. Private restrooms, in-suite catering, and lounge seating are some of the perks that come with these suites. The Outfield Suite is another special seating area that fits up to 12 to 16 people. These suites come with 4 VIP parking passes and lie directly above the lower bowl. They feature both indoor and outdoor seating with in-suite catering.

Tropicana Field regularly hosts basketball games, football games, and hockey games. In addition, it also entertains motorsports and professional wrestling. The field has also staged numerous concerts since its opening. Famous artists who have performed at the venue include Eric Clapton, Guns N’ Roses, the Eagles, Billy Joel, and more. The record for the largest concert in attendance at the venue was a 1990 concert by New Kids on the Block. If you want to find great Tropicana Field suites for the upcoming events, check out the schedule early. Watch as the Tampa Bay Rays take on opponents like the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, and others in a heated battle. There is sure to be intense action on the field so ensure that you don’t miss it. Boost your experience with a Tropicana Field VIP box and turn the whole event into something you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Tropicana Field VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details

How Much Do Tropicana Field VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?

The cost of Tropicana Field VIP boxes & suites are not fixed and are subject to change based on a variety of reasons. This can include the type of game, the popularity of the concert artist, the suite type, and more. You can expect to pay around $2000 to over $18000 per suite of $159 to $720 per ticket.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Tropicana Field VIP Box Or Suite?

A Tropicana Field VIP box or suite can hold various group sizes. The Infield Suite and the Baseline Suite include 16 tickets each, while the Outfield Suite offers 12 tickets. The Executive Suite and the Legends of Tampa Bay Suite are larger options coming with 28 tickets and 22 tickets, respectively.