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TU Experts Named The Best Funded Account Forex Broker

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Forex trading is extremely popular right now: literally millions of traders from all over the world join the market every year. There are many brokers with attractive conditions on the market, and most of them allow you to start trading with a tiny sum, sometimes with $1 even. However, you need much more to start making real profits — but what if you don’t have enough funds? Well, there is actually a solution: brokers with funded accounts. To help you find the best option, TU experts have analyzed the market and found what seems to be the most reliable and novice-friendly prop company out there.

How prop companies work

If you haven’t heard about prop companies at all, that’s not a problem. The concept is actually simple: such companies provide you with a relatively large deposit that you can use for trading, and you get to keep most of your profits. But where’s the catch? Well, you have to prove that you are really capable of managing money, so most companies will ask you to pass some kind of test or exam. That’s why it is very important to find a company with the best commissions and easiest tests, and it seems that the experts have been able to define a perfect option: TopstepTrader.

Basic information

Founded in 2012, the company is known as a reliable financial intermediary with favorable conditions and great additional features. It’s registered in the USA, but traders from many other countries use the platform as well. It has overall positive reviews online: most users consider it safe, user-friendly, quick, and useful. The company seems to be especially popular among novice traders who look for funding: they praise its customer support quality and educational features. Let’s take a closer look at what this funded account Forex platform has to offer in terms of funding.

How to get funded

Just like other prop companies, this platform promises to finance your account, but you have to prove your skills first. To do that, you must complete a two-stage trial period with strict trading goals. Only if you can remain profitable during the entire test period, you’ll be able to create a real funded account with up to $500,000 for Forex trading and start making profits. The leverage is up to 1:100, and there are all kinds of educational articles and videos on the website, so you can actually learn how to trade right in the process.