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TV’s Biggest Blunders

NBC's Hiring -- and Firing -- of Megyn Kelly is the Latest Classic Network Misstep.

From Campaign US: Let’s be honest. I don’t imagine anyone really thought that “golden girl” from Fox News, Megyn Kelly, would work on NBC. I mean, why break up a successful “Today” show block with someone who a) does not possess the warm and fuzzy ingredient needed to succeed on this morning franchise; and b) is already known as a potential bigot? Umm…didn’t Kelly once claim Santa Claus is white? And didn’t she already fail hosting a Fox primetime special, which should have proved that the masses are not interested in her?

More importantly, if it “ain’t broke, why “fix it?”

Of course, Megyn Kelly on NBC is just one of many colossal programming misjudgments we have seen over the years by one of the networks. So, this week let me tackle some of TV’s biggest blunders for a walk down this unbelievable memory lane.

The eight I have chosen are not listed in any particular order, so it is up to you to decide which is the worst. It won’t be easy to choose! For a look, click here