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Two Opposing Views on Reality Shows – Who Is Right After All?

The trends of modern life determine our interests and preferences. And yes, today we love to watch reality shows on huge fashionable and technological TVs, using various additional devices. For example, click here, and now we will discuss the clear benefit and hidden dark sides of so popular reality shows.

When the Lives of Strangers Become Your Own

This unique program itself is intended to attract the attention of ordinary people on our planet. A particularly rapid increase in attention is observed if the topic of reality is the interrelationship between the opposite sexes, survival, and training. The presence of clashes, scandals, fights, and gossip ensure the project growth and stunning success. The creators of this type of show are excellent psychologists and know with certainty what television viewers need.

This result is achieved due to the effect of “spying” on the lives of other people. Given that most people lead a monotonous, monotonous life, it is easy to explain the emergence of curiosity, the desire for empathy, and very often envy. TV viewers of all genders and ages, instead of spending time with their families, rush to the TV to watch their favorite characters, who have become so close. However, it is much more important to devote more time to the family, your loved ones and those around you, rather than the on-screen characters.

In addition, psychologists believe that reality shows have a negative impact on the unstable psyche of young people who have not yet had time to form their beliefs and who want to be like their favorite characters from the screen.

A Different Angle

If we discard the attacks of ardent moralists and all sorts of extremes, then it turns out that the reality show is just an open demonstration of life. Yes, the younger generation sees frank situations in which participants fall or their not entirely correct behavior with each other, but is this really bad? The same, in practice, the child can see at home, at school or in the sports section. Those who relate to the reality show loyally say that it’s better to look at such incidents on TV, with their parents, when parents can tell what is good and what is bad. After all, there are even negative heroes in children’s cartoons, by the example of which one can learn “how not to do it”.

The second thing that can be said in favor of a reality show is that not all of them are bad. There are wonderful shows in which people learn something new, for example, dance or sing, struggle with their problems, for example, with excess weight, learn to love themselves and form the right self-esteem. Such shows help viewers to succeed, stimulate their personal victories and bring much more benefit than harm.


In conclusion, we can say that television provides opportunities for reflection for each person. Only some viewers process this data and extract the most necessary and useful, and the rest simply copy and paste certain models into their lives. Thus, reality TV can have both positive and negative effects. It all depends on how you look at it and perceive it.