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Types of 3D Software Used by Rendering Company

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The 3D animation and rendering industry has recently seen a huge boom. This is because 3D technology has made its way into many different industries, from medicine and science to architecture and design. With this growing trend, more companies are looking for ways to make their products more impressive and visually appealing to attract customers.

In order to meet the demands, render farm has started to provide 3D rendering services. These companies use high-end computers to produce incredibly realistic and detailed images, giving clients something to work with when designing their products.

Following are the commonly used 3d software by rendering companies:


Maya is a 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. It is used in the film, television, video game, and advertising industries. Maya has an extensive toolset for creating computer-generated imagery (CGI) using 3D graphics hardware and software tools.

3ds Max

One of the most popular software used by a render farm is 3ds Max. This potent modeling and animation tool has been used for various purposes, from visual effects to architectural walkthroughs and even video games. The software has a wide range of features making it an ideal choice for artists and designers.

3ds Max is used to create 3D computer graphics, virtual reality, and interactive applications. It provides tools that support the creation of textures through polygonal modeling tools like “subdivision surfaces” or “polygon mesh.”

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering application developed by Maxon Computer GmbH. It has been used for visual effects and motion graphics in movies such as Spider-Man Trilogy, Shrek, The Golden Compass, and Beowulf (2007). Before the launch of Cinema 4D R17 in early 2016, it was one of the most popular applications in its field.


Modo is a 3D modeling, rendering, and animation tool that has been used since its release in 2003. Many rendering companies use it to create product designs, architectural renderings, 3D animations, and more. Modo was originally developed by The Foundry but acquired by Autodesk in 2014.


LightWave 3D is a 3D computer graphics software for modeling, animating, rendering, and compositing. It was initially developed by NewTek as a Video Toaster and later as LightWave 3D.

LightWave’s proprietary 3D engine, called “LuxRender,” simulates light-striking surfaces with various materials to produce realistic images.


It is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software tool for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, interactive 3D applications, and video games. The Blender Foundation releases new versions of the software every year.

Rhino 3D

Rhino 3D is a 3D modeling, rendering, and animation program. It is a feature-based parametric NURBS modeling system. Rhino is used for designing and analyzing complex shapes.

Rhino can create anything from simple geometry to flight-critical aircraft, trucks, and automobiles. Some industries that use Rhino include product design, architecture, civil engineering and construction, industrial design, mechanical engineering, etc.


Redshift is a GPU renderer that uses the graphics card to accelerate rendering. It was developed by Maxon, an American company based in Santa Clara, California.

Redshift was released in 2015 as a standalone application with support for Windows and Mac OS X. In 2016. They also added Linux support.

It’s used in the VFX industry because it can render scenes up to 500 times faster than CPU-only software like Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max.


In 3D software, Maya is the most popular choice for rendering companies. It’s a robust suite of tools that can help you create anything from characters to environments and beyond. The software used by a rendering company for their work typically depends on the type of work that they do. So, if you’re looking for a rendering company to work with, it’s essential to find one that uses the best software for your needs.