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Types of Super Bowl Wagers Explained

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Betting on the Super Bowl. 

Betting on the Super Bowl is extremely popular. It is one of the most popular sports in the world to bet on, and the most popular in the US. However, there are different types of wagers you can place on the Super Bowl, and if you are new to betting on the sport, you might need a band in understanding just which type is going to be the best for you. 

The easiest Super Bowl bets to make are the money line, against the spread and under/over, however, there are other bets you can make too. Making any bet you need to be aware of and take note of the odds, for this you could look online at Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds, or go to a bookmaker and find out as you place your bet. 

Whatever the case, no one type of bet suits everyone, so it is time for you to find which type of Super Bowl betting best suits you.  

Understanding the Money line.

One of the most  popular bet types that is placed in American Football is betting on the money line. This is as simple as betting who will win the Super Bowl. All a money line bet needs you to do is determine a winner of the Super Bowl straight up based on the odds. So if you look online, or if you visit your favorite sportsbook, you will see odds that look like; 

New York Jets -115 

New England Patriots +105 

In this case, the Jets are the favorite and the Patriots are the underdogs. Dogs will always be shown as a plus sign, and favorites will always have a minus sign. This is a universal gambling language across the world for betting. 

If you had $100 to throw around in your sports bets, and you bet the money on the Jets, and they won, you would get a great payout of $186.96! You win back your bet money plus winnings of $86.96. However, if you took the other side and the Patriots won, you would get $205. So, you get your $100 back as well as winnings of $105. That being said, it is not always a good move to bet on the underdog just because you can get more winnings. They are the underdog for a reason, and although they can win, you could always be on the same side of a losing bet. 

Betting against the spread. 

Spread bets are very popular during the regular season, post season, and during the Super Bowl. For this type of bet you are not choosing who will win, instead you are choosing by how much they will win. In this case, it would look like; 

New York Jets -3.5 

New England Patriots +3.5 

In order to cover the spread, the Jets would need to win by 4 points or more. For the Patriots to win, they need to win outright or lose by no more than 3 points. The point spread is often a multiple of 3 or 7, as field goals are 3 points, touch downs (6) + PAT (1) are 7 points. However, you can often see spreads at NFL games as low as 1 or as high as 14, this is all dependent on how evenly or unevenly the teams are matched. 

Over/ Under Betting/ Totals. 

This type of betting is very different to betting from spread and money line. It does not involve picking a winner. The most common type for this bet is betting the game total, in which you predict the total number of points that will be scored in the game (by both teams). 

Much like with ATS betting, the game total can and likely will shift over the course of time, depending on which side is receiving the majority of the money wagered. Pushes are also a possibility when you bet over/ under and totals, but remember, pushes can only occur when the total is not a half number.  

Over and under bets are basically when you see the anticipated total for the game and wager if you think the total will be over this, or under this number. Then… There are totals. 

Totals are when you wager on the total collective score from both teams. This includes under/ over betting. Considering that the oddsmakers have predicted that the overall total score of the game will be 50.5, you can either bet that the total score will be less than 50, or that you think it will be over 50. In some cases the over/under might be 50, or 51, so the overall score doesn’t have a decimal. If the prediction is 50 and the score is 50 exactly, then this is known as a push. In the case of a push, you haven’t lost the bet, instead your money will be refunded as if the bet never happened in the first place. 

Prop bets. 

Props bets are bets on other sides of the game, such as team and player milestones, that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the game’s result. It can also include non-game actions such as the coin ton, time to sign the anthem, and so on.