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UBS Arena Parking: Where To Buy Parking

UBS Arena is a newly constructed sports and entertainment venue replacing the Nassau Coliseum. It was opened to the public in November 2021. With a construction cost of $1 Billion, the arena seats 18,500 guests and is home to one of the most popular NHL teams New York Islanders. If you still haven’t been to the arena, there are several events lined up for the year, and you can take the opportunity to see the beauty of the newly constructed venue. So if there’s an event you’re looking forward to attending at the venue this year, you must be searching for a suitable UBS Arena parking. But worry not! We have a wide range of parking options for all events at attractive prices, making it easier for you to select your preferred parking at UBS Arena at your price range. You can head to our inventory and go through the UBS Arena parking options to check out the prices and choose where you wish to park your car by selecting the most affordable option.

How To Buy UBS Arena Parking

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The arena is located in Belmont Park, Elmont, at 2400 Hempstead Turnpike in New York. Since its opening, UBS Arena has hosted a handful of events, including a college basketball game and WWE’s All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite. Also, the famous British singer Harry Styles was the first artist to hold a concert at the arena in 2021. There’s ample parking space at the venue with various parking options. Still, given its massive area, it requires you to pre-purchase your UBS Arena parking tickets, or you’ll be having a hard time searching for a suitable parking lot on the day of the event. So ensure that you have a space waiting for you by reserving your UBS Arena parking lot ahead of time. Doing this can save you a lot of money and time, and you can make it to the event right on time.

Being a new entertainment and sports arena, you can guess that people will throng the venue from across the country to see its grandeur. Not only that, but the surrounding area gets highly crowded during events, and it can be challenging to make it to the event on time. So to avoid such inconveniences on the day of the event, plan to reach the venue an hour or two before the event begins so that you can quickly park your car at your designated UBS Arena parking. Usually, the arena’s parking lot and garages open 2 hours prior to events, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to park your car early before the area gets crowded.

It’s also highly recommended that you purchase your UBS Arena parking pass ahead of the event. Purchasing your parking tickets at the gate on the day of the event can be quite bothersome and usually causes last-minute parking hassles. Also, UBS Arena parking tickets can sell out in advance based on the event, so it’s always better to be well-prepared ahead of time when headed to packed events. When you purchase your parking tickets online, you get to buy one at an affordable price, and since you already know which entrance you should take to park your car, it makes things much more manageable. Moreover, your designated parking lot and garage will determine the entry and exit and the venue. For all these reasons, reserving your UBS Arena parking lot ahead of the event is preferred regardless of the event you’re attending.

You’ll find several UBS arena parking options within walking distance, but the parking availability would also largely depend on the type of event. There are several options like general parking, accessible parking, open-air parking, closed parking, garage parking, club parking, and VIP parking. Every parking lot will have a separate entrance, and prices differ as well. Usually, once the event is over, there’s a mad rush to exit the stadium, which can cause congestion. So if you don’t want to be stuck in a crowd, you can plan to park your car a few blocks away from the arena, but it would require you to do a lot of walking. As for those who want to park their vehicle nearest to the stadium or park their car away from crowded areas, you can purchase UBS Arena club parking, and once you reach the venue, you can straight away park your vehicle without a hassle. Also, for guests looking for covered parking to keep their vehicle away from exposure to weather and other elements, you can purchase UBS Arena garage parking to rest assured knowing that your car is parked safely.

UBS Arena parking is divided into four parts, i.e., Diamond Parking, Silver Parking, Emerald Parking, and South Parking. Every parking structure in the area features ADA parking except the South parking lot. But if you’re parking in the South area and require accessible parking, the staff can help you find a suitable accessible parking lot or direct you to the Silver and Diamond parking lot. But remember that you must display a valid placard or disabled parking permit. If you’re looking for convenient parking lots, the Silver and Diamond parking lots make a suitable choice. The South parking is a massive surface parking located across Hempstead Avenue, and if you choose emerald parking, you’ll have to walk for 15 minutes to reach the venue.

UBS Arena VIP Parking

Are you looking for the best parking space at the venue? Get your hands on a UBS Arena VIP parking pass and gain access to entry at the venue from a dedicated VIP entrance. Not only that, but you get to park away from the crowd and may include a valet service too.

How Much Does UBS Arena VIP Parking Cost?

Typically, you’ll find UBS Arena VIP parking starting at $43 and can go up to $110 or more based on the type of event. However, prices are subject to change and can also depend on the day of the week.