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Ulceritis Colitis – How It Impacts Men’s Health 

Whenever we talk about chronic disorders, the first name that pops into the mind is diabetes mellitus, asthma, and thyroid-related problems. But hardly one names Ulceritis colitis, the reason may be that many people don’t know about it. Ulceritis colitis also known as Ulcerative colitis is a medical condition in which the innermost lining of the colon (the major part of the large intestine) gets inflamed and ulcers occur in it. In the beginning, it may start with minor pain in the stomach and gut regions but in many cases, the ulcer starts bleeding and gets septic. 

There is no full recovery for Ulceritis colitis, all you can do is control the symptoms to the extent that it does not obstruct the path of daily life activities. You cannot succumb to a single ailment and give up your goals and ambition for it. There are many people that suffer from Ulceritis colitis but still work effectively keeping their boss happy. Using Vidalista 60 Generic Cialis and Cenforce 100 Sildenafil Citrate also does not provide any relief to such a situation. In this article, we shall discuss how Ulceritis colitis impacts men’s health, its symptoms, and the possible precautions apart from medication we can take to ensure it is under control. 

First, let’s understand the basics of Ulceritis colitis

The colon is the major part of the large intestine. At one end it connects itself to the small intestine and on the other end, it connects to the anus, from where the feces ultimately pass out. In Ulceritis colitis or Ulcerative colitis one or many ulcers occur in the colon and cause inflammation. 


Well, there is no exact reason for getting ulcers in the colon, earlier doctors assumed that eating spicy and cholesterol-rich food items and highly stressed situations cause colitis. But later when the research went into detail this myth was broken. It was found that spicy food and high stress can facilitate inflammation but not be the reason. Colitis also has some portion hereditary attached to it, so it may be because of some of your relatives. 

But one reason that is considered most probable is the failure of the immune system. Here, the doctors assume that sometimes the immune system while defending the body against viruses or bacteria mistakenly attacks the digestive tract resulting in ulcers. What the reason maybe, if you had a Ulceritis colitis then go to the doctor immediately. 


  • Sudden pain in the stomach or in the gut region and near the anus. The pain may be moderate to extreme, sometimes creating a situation where immediate medical assistance is needed. 
  • Blood with feces is often observed during Ulceritis colitis. This symptom is also common during piles. 
  • Vomiting blood, mild fever, and unexpected weight loss are some of the symptoms. 

A person with Ulceritis colitis may have one or more of the above symptoms. If you encounter anyone of them, then go to the doctor immediately. 

Is there any treatment?

As earlier said that there is no ultimate treatment for Ulceritis colitis. But with medication under the supervision of the doctor in time we can control the symptoms so that you may lead a usual life. Doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer medications to reduce the ulcer and inflammation. The situation becomes more critical when the ulcer splits, as it is then that blood and pus ooze out. In extreme situations, doctors operate on the ulcer by removing it surgically, but that is the last option of course.

Like diabetes or asthma here also, the person must follow some precautions by making changes to his life. Some of the precautions that must be followed apart from medication are:

  • Avoid eating much spicy food and deep-fried item. Replace such food items with green leafy vegetables, seafood, nuts, cereals, fruits, and anything that is easily digested. Avoid many acidic food items. 
  • Avoid taking pills like Cenforce 200 from Powpills as such pills may increase the inflammation as is one of their side effects. But if you want to take these pills first consult the doctor. 
  • Avoid any injuries to the stomach region as it may burst the ulcer, which may make it septic and lead to infection. 
  • Avoid stressing yourself much, a happy mind will recover much faster from any ailment than a depressed one. 


The thing with Ulceritis Colitis is that its initial symptoms are very mild and you would not even get to know about it. Hence, the best way is to fix a regular or periodic check-up with the family doctor. The doctor will analyze high blood pressure, stress levels, stool, urine, and all such parameters. And if anything is suspicious, he or she will come to know in the initial stages where it may be cured fully without much medication.