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Ultimate Custom Tent For Race Day

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The sound of engines whirring, the screeching of wheels rubbing against the tarmac, the buzz of crowds and air thick with aspiration – that’s what race day feels like! For fans of motor sports this is also what Utopia is all about. But if you look closely, you’ll see something other than machines and humans common to all such events – the custom tent. Yes, they are ubiquitous in the world of motor sports and for good reason. 

Custom printed pop up tents employed in racing facilities do the all-important job of shading people on and around the track. They function as team tents and makeshift repair shops in paddocks, and keep drivers and support staff cool on warm summer days. Besides their primary function as temporary shades, they also serve a very important purpose – brand promotion. In fact, together with umbrellas, custom tents are the most sought after marketing tools for automobile manufacturers. And all this is thanks to modern technological innovations that make these accessories purposeful and catchy at the same time. 

  • Modern tent canopies are shaped out of sheets of PVC or polyester, or any of their derivatives. 
  • These materials are UV resistant and waterproof, and easy to print on at the same time. 
  • This means automobile brands can easily have their paddock tents adorned with their brand colors, adding to the colorful vibe of the racing circuit. 
  • What’s more? These tents last seasons on end, saving a lot of money on promotions. 

So, what serves as the ultimate paddock tent? Let’s explore

The custom printed gazebo

Of all the iterations of the event tent available in the market, the custom gazebo seems to be most sought after in racing circuits. Their simple yet unique design and easy-to-install construction contribute to their immense popularity. These accessories serve as –

  • Canopies for racers and their racing vehicles.
  • Assembly area for track teams.
  • Shade for start and finish lines.
  • Merchandise stand for collectors.
  • And last but not the least, VIP stand for important guests.

Coupled with accessories such as sidewalls and banners, gazebo tents become even more effective as temporary shelter solutions. Not only do these add-on accessories serve as promotional materials, sidewalls especially help keep cold drafts out on those really cold track days. 

The 10×10 custom printed pop up tent

People often ask “What’s the ideal size for a tent?”. While the dimensions of a custom tent depend entirely on the requirement of the user, the take-anywhere, fit-anywhere size has to be 10’x10’. But why so?

  • The 10×10 tent has the optimum dimensions for any outdoor or indoor venue. It’s neither too large, nor too small, and can accommodate a small family easily in its shade. Besides, pitching one and taking it down is a breeze.
  • Large outdoor spaces like racing paddocks can do with multiple 10×10 canopy tents, arranged in suitable configurations. This lets organizers accommodate a large number of guests without employing one large tent. 
  • 10×10 branded pop up tents serve as excellent marketing tools. 
  • These accessories come at exciting price points and last long enough to prove their worth as business assets. 

Large event tents for after-race parties

The fanfare surrounding after-race parties are best handled in outdoor venues in the shade of large event tents. These generously proportioned shelter solutions offer all the comfort and vibe of indoor venues under the open sky. But these tents alone cannot do much, except for protecting guests from the elements, of course. What really adds to the vibe are accessories like PVC sidewalls with transparent windows and doors, drapes, artificial floors and roofs, and light fixtures to boot.

Additional accessories to augment your tent’s visual appeal and add to the race-day vibe

Despite being promotional accessories, pull up and pop up banners, flags and inflatable tents and arches all add to the grandeur and charm of a racing circuit on race day. Although their primary function is to promote automobile brands and associated accessories, the splash of color they add to the venue is priceless. 

Tips to design the perfect graphics for your custom tent

Your tent’s canopy is an empty canvas that you can use to fill with custom graphics, brand logos and slogans. With some careful planning and imagination, you can turn your tent canopy into a work of art and an effective marketing tool at the same time. Here’s some tips to follow.

  • Take the help of professionals to design your custom graphics and logo, if you don’t have one already. 
  • If you are purchasing your tent from a reputable tent manufacturer, you can avail of all the services you need to have your tent canopy custom printed. Top notch tent manufacturers have in-house design teams to cater to client requirements. 
  • For fonts, use large and legible ones only. You want your slogan and/or message to be clearly visible from afar and not strain the eyes of potential customers! 
  • Choose colors that appeal to your niche customer base. 


From racing circuits to farmers’ markets, custom tents have reshaped the outdoor event landscape with their aesthetics and purposefulness. Turn your next outdoor tent into an eyeball-grabber and expand your customer base with some smart marketing campaign with your tent as the center piece.