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Understanding Positive Negative Problems in the GRE

If you’re preparing for the GRE, you’ve probably come across positive and negative problems. Understanding the properties of negative and positive numbers can be a huge time saver in the GRE. This type of question can be tricky, but with some practice, you’ll be able to tackle them with confidence.

Imagine if someone asked you the question:

What has a greater altitude, the bottom of the ocean or the top of the Eiffel Tower?

You don’t have to solve for the distance from sea level for either location to answer this question. Understanding that a positive altitude is greater than a negative altitude is all you need to know. This can save a lot of time that you would spent measuring!

Similarly, if I told you that x is negative and y is positive, you can automatically know that y is greater than x without actually solving for either or finding the difference.

Here’s a quick overview of positive and negative problems on the GRE:

– Positive problems are those in which you are given two positive numbers and asked to find the product or quotient. For example, if you are given the numbers 3 and 4, you would need to find their product, 12.

– Negative problems are those in which one of the numbers is negative. For example, if you are given the numbers 3 and -4, you would need to find their product, -12.

Keep in mind that with negative problems, the order of the numbers is important. The product of 3 and -4 is not the same as the product of -4 and 3.

Here are some tips for tackling positive and negative problems on the GRE:

– First, read the question carefully to determine what operation you need to perform (multiplication or division).

– Next, identify which number is positive and which number is negative. This will determine the sign of your answer.

– Finally, solve the problem using the standard algorithm for multiplication or division. Don’t forget to change the sign of your answer if necessary!

With a little practice, positive and negative problems will become easier and you’ll be able to approach them with confidence on test day.

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