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Univision Unveils 2019-20 Content Slate

Included is 16 Scripted Dramas and 3 Dramedies

Univision Communications Inc. has announced its 2019-2020 programming lineup. Featured with be an array of new and returning scripted dramas (16 in total), scripted dramedies, live events, sports and news. Here is the breakdown:


“La Usurpadora” (The Usurper) – In a twist on the identical- twin-sisters- separated- at-birth tale, evil twin, Paola, tricks her benevolent counterpart, Paulina, into assuming her place as the unpopular and neglected First Lady of Mexico, setting her up for assassination in order to run off with her lover and start a new life. When the plot fails, Paulina flourishes in her new role, causing the evil Paola to try and expose the usurper and take back her place and her power. (Primetime – Univision –Televisa)

“Cuna de Lobos” (Den of Wolves) – Evil, ambition and treachery take center stage in this story about the mother of all telenovela female “villains,” Catalina Creel. After causing the death of her wealthy husband Carlos, Catalina, whose beauty is surpassed only by her cold-hearted cruelty, will go to any and all lengths, no matter how despicable, to secure her fortune and her bloodline. (Primetime – Univision –Televisa)

“Rubí” – A young journalist named Camila convinces a reclusive woman named Rubí to recount her life story and reveal the reason for her self-imposed isolation in her dark mansion. What follows is the twisted tale of an ambitious woman of a humble background, determined to use her feminine wiles and stunning beauty to escape a life of poverty, regardless of what she must do, or who she must hurt in the process. (Primetime – Univision – Televisa)

“El Maleficio” (The Evil One) – The occult plays a dark role in this mysterious tale of murder, seduction and possession. Beatriz is a respectable widow who, since the death of her husband, has dedicated her life to raising her children. Enrique is a powerful billionaire who secretly leads an evil cult that targets Beatriz as his next victim. But after dazzling her with his attentions and proposing marriage, he begins to feel genuine emotion and is torn between carrying out his malevolent plan or revealing his tormented past and seeking redemption. (Primetime – Univision –Televisa)

“Los Ricos También Lloran” (The Rich Also Cry) – Mariana grows up surrounded by luxury in the Guadalupe Valley until, following the death of her father, her stepmother banishes her. Crossing the border on La Bestia, Mariana manages to be taken in by a priest who supports migrants, and he helps her move in with a family in East L.A., where she meets the womanizing Luis Alberto. The love between them transforms Luis Alberto, until one day a child of theirs is kidnapped, which leads Mariana to dedicate her life to supporting immigrant children. After several years go by, her stepmother returns to take revenge on Mariana by manipulating her long-lost son so that he shows up in her home to try to kill her. (Primetime – Univision – Televisa)

“Quince” (Fifteen) – The much-anticipated sweet 15 party for humble Maricruz and millionaire Beatriz is interrupted when a sex tape appears on the TV screens, implicating both women. The story goes back several months where we uncover the life of these two best friends in Las Californias, where Maricruz attends college and is pressured by her mother to find a wealthy boyfriend, while Beatriz falls in love with her best friend’s rebel of a brother. Maricruz wants her first time to be with a driver and mechanic named Pancho but she is being pursued by the governor’s son, Memo.

“El Dragón” (The Dragon) – Written by renowned author Arturo Perez-Reverte and produced by Patricio Wills, “El Dragón” is a fast-paced, action-packed saga of epic proportions. This highly stylized production was shot on location in five different countries with an expansive gallery of richly drawn international characters. This is the story of Miguel Garza, a man caught between two worlds, both geographically, as well as morally. One centers on his childhood in Mexico, marked by the untimely murder of his parents and the family “narco” business he is destined to inherit. The other is a world of culture and sophistication in Japan, where he is sent by his grandfather in hopes of becoming a legitimate financial success. Called back to Mexico to avenge his parents’ deaths and save the family “business,” Miguel must draw on both worlds if he wants to protect his family and save his soul. (Primetime – Univision – W Studios/Televisa)

“Sin Miedo a la Verdad” (Unafraid of the Truth) – This is the story of Manu, an introverted hacker being pursued by a corrupt cop who blames him unjustly for his brother’s murder. While trying to avoid capture, Manu becomes an urban hero by fighting anonymously for justice via his vlog “Sin Miedo a la Verdad,” using his computer skills to help those in need. Each episode features a unique story dealing with different issues such as online harassment, cyberbullying, sexting and catfishing, while revealing new pieces of the puzzle of Manu’s tragic past. (Primetime – Univision –Televisa)

“Apocalipsis” (Apocalypse) – This series about love, spirituality and redemption portrays one of the most controversial stories in the Holy Bible: the end of time. The story will be told in three phases: the first in the 80s, the second in the 90s and the last in present day. Throughout the plot, apocalyptic prophecies take place around the globe: Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Jerusalem and New York. (Primetime – UniMás Network – TV Record)

“Esta Historia Me Suena” (This Story Sounds Familiar) – Each stand-alone dramatized episode addresses family and youth issues in a familiar and optimistic tone, and features a song that inspires the episode’s storyline. The storyline leads to reflection between parents and children and how to resolve them in everyday life. The song accompanies and supports that story. The underlying premise is reinforced by the episode’s hashtag. Most episodes feature a flash mob that highlights the featured song. Activity on social media parallels the TV program. (Daytime – Univision – Televisa)

“El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca” (The Heart is Never Wrong) – A spinoff of the Juan Osorio production “Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia,” this series tells the story of a young couple, Cuauhtémoc and Aristóteles. We find out about their adventures as a couple and how they make their way together through the complexities and prejudices of Mexican society. (Primetime – Univision – Televisa)

“Desaparecido” (Disappeared) – A group of high school friends carries out a social media challenge that goes viral and puts their lives in danger. Everything takes a turn for the worse when Rodrigo, the group’s leader, mysteriously disappears. Soon, an innocent victim is accused of a crime when authorities wrongfully link him to an organized crime scheme. The group of friends know their friend is innocent and they want to find a way to prove it. They begin receiving cryptic WhatsApp messages that seem to come from Rodrigo and which give them clues about his whereabouts. Together, they embark on a dangerous quest to find the truth. They face numerous suspects, including those closest to them—their friends and relatives. Determined to find the truth, they discover a shocking secret that will change their lives forever. (Primetime – Univision – Televisa)

“Doctores” (Doctors) – The Hospital de Especialidades Médicas is one of the country’s busiest, due to the number of emergencies it treats and because it is also home to the most experienced minds in every field of medicine. Cases that can’t be diagnosed or treated by other hospitals wind up being sent there. Gonzalo Olmedo, an idealistic and committed internist, is named director after the sudden death of his predecessor. When he starts the job, he discovers the complex inner workings of the hospital, which is experiencing shortages caused by an overwhelmed public health system, and corruption plots threatening it. To bring about the transformation, Gonzalo recruits a group of distinguished professionals who cure the most complicated cases at the same time as they try to heal the wounds in their own lives. (Primetime – Univision – Televisa)

“Jezabel” (Jezebel) – This new super-production from Record TV features a biblical story of a woman’s strength. Set in Israel, the macro-series “Jezabel” tells the incredible story of a Phoenician princess who uses her beauty and power of seduction to achieve everything she wants. She marries King Ahab to become queen but is strongly opposed by the people of Israel when she tries to impose upon everyone the worship of pagan gods, Baal and Asherah. With unbreakable convictions, Jezabel is a woman capable of anything to reach her goals and destroy her enemies. Her main adversary is Elias, a powerful prophet whose only mission is to spread the word of the One God and defend the Israelites. This series will transport audiences back in time with a story full of intense wars, love stories and intriguing prophesies.

“Desde el Jardín” (From the Garden) – A flower shop serves as the backdrop to every episode of this series. The plants in the store become catalysts to take viewers inside the lives of the customers and the challenges they face. The relationships between human nature and the nature of plants and flowers play a major role in how each episode unfolds. Among the characters are Dalía, the owner’s daughter, young and enthusiastic, Celestino, young, fun-loving, and cunning, and Doña Emma, an older woman with vast knowledge of herbal medicine and gardening. They will interact with the characters in each episode, changing their destinies. (Daytime – Univision – Televisa)

“Las Muñecas de la Mafia 2” (The Mafia Dolls 2) – In its premiere season, “The Mafia Dolls” presented the dark drug traffic world from a female perspective. The audience witnessed luxury and excess among women who shared their lives with the most dangerous mafia capos. They lived the lives of princesses but paid the consequences. Eight years later, we meet these women again, as they fight to leave their past and survive in a society that condemns them for having belonged to the mafia. (Primetime – UniMás Network – Caracol Television)


“Soltero con Hijas” – Nacho’s single, young life takes a turn when he has to take care of his three recently orphaned nieces. He gets help from his neighbor Victoria, and unexpectedly falls in love with her. His biggest challenge is Victoria’s father, who tries to break up their relationship. (Primetime – Univision –Televisa)

“Cita a Ciegas” (Blind Date) – Lucia is a single, plus-size journalist in her 30s dealing with an overpowering mother and a seemingly perfect sister engaged to be married. When she overhears them betting that she will attend the wedding alone, dressed in black and heavier than ever, Lucia embarks on a quest to lose weight, find her true love, and prove them wrong. But after a series of terrible blind dates, family dramas, and endless relationship advice from others, Lucia learns that the one person she needs to trust is herself. (Primetime – Univision –Televisa)


“La Reina de la Canción” (Queen of Song) – More than just a singing competition, this series is about finding the next Latina superstar. The show combines viewers’ love of Latin music with the irresistible appeal of uplifting, empowering stories of women breaking barriers and expanding into genres traditionally dominated by men. “La Reina de la Cancion” will move and inspire audiences on Sunday nights this fall. Music industry experts will travel across the U.S. with the mission of finding and recruiting extraordinary talent with the hope of making it to the Miami auditions. Only a select few will be chosen to work under the guidance of renowned music producers, directors, musicians and artists to impress Hispanic America. Judges include Natti Natasha, Joss Favela, and Olga Tañon with musical producer Sergio George and studio director and co-host Pedro Capo. (Primetime – Univision –Univision Studios)

“Enamorándonos” (Love is Calling) – A live reality series on matchmaking and social dynamics, this show puts the audience in the driver’s seat as it unveils how love happens. This two-hour, daily franchise features 20 candidates looking to find their perfect match. True to the collective Latin culture, viewers can engage on social media and call in live to the studio with a chance of being brought in for a blind date with a candidate (an automated wall separates them). If there’s a match, the wall is withdrawn and the two go on a date followed by cameras. Hopefully, there’s a spark, but if not, the candidate goes back to the show until he/she finally finds his/her match. (Primetime – UniMás Network – Univision Studios)

“Inseparables, Amor al Límite” (Power Couple) – This reality show competition features 12 couples who will compete against each other, as well as bet against their partners before the challenges. Two couples will be up for elimination – the couple who came in last in the challenge and the couple that accumulated the lowest sum of money. The other couples vote and decide who will leave or remain in the villa. Their love and trust will be tested in every episode. (Primetime – UniMás –Televisa)

“Familias Frente al Fuego Cocinando” (Family Food Fight) – Using their own recipes, multi-generational families compete in culinary challenges that highlight the love affair Latinos have with food, in the hope of impressing the four judges: a renowned chef, a pastry specialist, a chef specializing in homemade food, and a food critic. (Weekend Primetime – Univision – Televisa)

“The 2019 Latin Grammy Awards”–This November, the network will present the 20th Anniversary of “The Latin Grammy Awards,” the biggest night in Latin music, with music’s biggest stars, live from Las Vegas. (Primetime – Univision)


CONCACAF Gold Cup – The pursuit of the Gold Cup is the premier soccer event of the summer and the only international competition featuring the U.S. and Mexican men’s national teams. The tournament for this Continental Crown, includes a strong field of top teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean. With matches taking place in 14 U.S. cities, plus Costa Rica and Jamaica, the 2019 Gold Cup will be the biggest-ever edition of the event, with more participating nations (16 up from 12 in 2017), and more host countries and stadiums (17 up from 14 in 2017). As the exclusive Spanish-language broadcaster of the Gold Cup, Univision Deportes will present all matches live in primetime, as well as comprehensive coverage across its linear networks and digital portfolio.

EURO 2020 – Univision Deportes will be the home of The UEFA European Championship (EURO), the best national team competition in the world. EURO 2020 will take place across the continent for the very first time, with the top teams in the world and some of the biggest stars of the sport.

Mexican National Team – Univision will remain the exclusive Spanish-language broadcaster of the Mexican men’s and women’s national teams under a new multi-year extension of its partnership with the Mexican Football Federation. Mexico’s men’s team is the most-watched national team in the U.S. and is undefeated under new coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino.


“Noticiero Univision Edición Nocturna” – Univision will be expanding its news to UniMás which will present the first and only Spanish-language news at 10 p.m. Featuring more of Univision’s trusted and credible reporting, the 10 p.m. broadcast will expand to reach more viewers and more households and will feature beloved talent Enrique Acevedo and Patricia Janiot. (Primetime – UniMás Network)

“U Need to Know” – In a high-quality vertical video format and designed for Instagram Stories, one of Univision News award-winning anchors presents the top three news stories of the day.

“Café Dato” – This Univision News digital series is made to empower our audience by helping them understand personal finance issues in a direct, simple and innovative way.

“Te Explicamos” (We Explain) – This news program is a digital-first property that will serve as a guide to understanding how to navigate your arrival to the U.S. The “How to” guide will help Hispanics learn about education, immigration, and living in the U.S. The program will feature Univision experts who will share their personal experiences and everything they have learned living in the U.S.