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Unlock the Power of Centralized Google Contacts Management with Boost.Space Integration Google contacts integrations allow businesses to centralize their data and automate key processes. The solution connects to IT tools allowing them to aggregate their sensitive and useful data into central databanks.

Data centralization acts as the foundation for easy and smooth collaboration across multiple teams and process automation across IT tools, as well as the analysis of data with a complete story. allows you to centralize Google contacts with thousands of different applications in a few clicks.

How to Create a Google Contacts Connection

The Google contacts connection enables you to manage your Google contacts. It allows you to monitor, build, update, search, and erase your Google contacts. In order to use your Google contacts with integrator, you need to have a Google account.

If it’s your first time, there is no need to worry since the entire process is smooth. You can create your account within a few minutes at After that, follow these simple steps to connect your Google contacts to the integrator.

  • Go to Integrator – open create a connection dialog, which is a Google contacts module. Click continue after filling in the connection name field.
  • Connect the Integrator to your Google account of choice.
  • Allow Integrator to access your Google contacts by pressing the Allow button.
  • The connection will be established immediately.

It’s that simple! Google Contacts Integration Templates provides you with two options; use its Google contacts integration templates or build your own. If you decide to use Google contacts integration templates; you can get started with:

  • Watch Contact Groups: Activates when a contact group is built or updated.
  • Remove/Add Contacts from a Group: Allows you to add or erase contacts from a given contact group.
  • Watch Contacts: Activates when a contact is built or updated.
  • Create a Contact: Allows you to create a new contact.
  • Create a Contact Group: Enables you to create a new contact group.
  • Delete a Contact: Erases a contact.
  • Delete a Contact Group: Erases a contact group.
  • Get a Contact Group: Obtains metadata of a given contact group.
  • Get a Contact: Finds information about a given contact.

Other useful templates include; make an API call, update a contact, update a contact group, and list contact groups. Also, list my contacts, search directory contacts, search contacts, and list other contacts are available. The title of each template suggests its function.

Why Unlock the Power of Centralized Google Contacts Management with provides you with everything you need to unlock the power of your centralized Google contacts management. With, you’ll enjoy reliable security, 24/7 customer support, and much-needed uptime of 99.9% to allow you to focus on what is important.