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Unlocking Your Destiny: A Journey Through Palmistry and Life Readings

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Yvonne Oswald PhD 

“We had been trying for a baby for 5 years with no results and I was due to start IVF treatment in January 2023. I saw Dr. Yvonne for a full Life Reading in September 2022 and she told me that there was no need for treatment as she clearly saw me pregnant in December. I saw the doctor two days ago on 20th December, 2022, and he told me I’m pregnant! Amazing.” I.G.

When I heard yesterday that my prediction had come true it didn’t surprise me – whether it was going to happen or whether I had planted the idea really doesn’t matter. If it gives someone hope when they work with me then I’m delighted. 

I certainly DO believe in fate; I’ve had too much proof otherwise in forty years of working with people, but I also believe that free will always trumps fate. This can also work in reverse of course! When you don’t follow your gut feeling you can leave the main highway and get lost in the villages. 

My childhood was one of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse, which is why I make such a good therapist; I’ve been everywhere you’ve been! I always tell people that the only side effect and benefit of childhood sexual abuse is that it makes you very perceptive and intuitive! I qualified as a teacher but always did my clairvoyant work alongside everything I did. In point of fact, I legally came into Canada as a clairvoyant. 

I started meditating at 18, which helped me to cope emotionally with my childhood traumas. I learned the tarot and numerology in an attempt to make life more predictable. I taught past life regression in my twenties. Tarot was there for day-by-day happenings and numerology for discovering your life purpose. After ten years I stopped asking for proof and realised that whatever gift I had been given simply worked, so I finally had to accept it. I was led to teach hypnosis and NLP because I was so disappointed that people had the answers from me of what to do to make their lives successful and happy and still didn’t change. When you come to me for a breakthrough session you have no option but to change! 

Palmistry is my specialty and I know WAY too much about the subject to ever write a book on it! Your hands (front and back) tell me about your DNA profile, your character and inherited traits, your self worth and how to improve it, your talents and abilities. They also tell you who you inherited your abilities from (Mom or Dad). It is wonderful for people who have been adopted to discover genetic and inherited traits. The state of your health through palmistry is great for seeing way ahead of time what may be developing. They show fertility, immune system issues, anxiety, whether you have genetic disorders and what other issues you may be susceptible to. Career choices and timing are important in life, as you know, so the best time to change or develop your career is good to discover from the lines. Romance/possible children are easily seen timing wise in your hands.

Palmistry: Your Life and Success Really IS in Your Own Hands

I have been fascinated ever since I read my first Palmistry book when I was seven years old; especially the scientific aspect of how the hands clearly present your genetic and physical health, sometimes months or even years ahead of time. Your hands really are a map of your brain made manifest. Decades on, I have analysed and read thousands of hands and I’m still enthralled when I see an unusual marking as it relates to an event, illness, or personality trait. 

What’s the difference between your right and left hand? The left hand relates to your inner mind or unconscious, including genetic characteristics – I knew long before it was scientifically proven that being gay was a genetic tendency. Like your right brain, the left hand is the map of your creative brain, and it changes almost daily, depending upon your life choices. It rules feelings, imagination, and the big picture. It shows the present and future so the front of the left hand is what will give us long term forecasts. Your right hand relates to your conscious mind; it presents left brain thinking and is detail oriented – it rules facts and logic. It presents results from the left brain thinking right now shows present and past. It changes only slowly over time. 

We take our hands much for granted, but they show our inherent characteristics, our talents and our abilities in a way that’s so easy to discover that it’s unfortunate that hand reading has only just been acknowledged to clearly indicate past, present and future. It as a useful diagnostic aid for such conditions as Down syndrome, heart and lung weaknesses and mental illnesses. 

How is your relationship? Do this: shake your hands and place them face down in front of you on a flat surface. Now observe at the space between your ring fingers on your hands and the little finger. The little finger is your communication finger, and the ring finger is your emotional/creativity finger. Both should be straight, or it shows lack of self-confidence. If there is a space on the right hand between the small finger and ring finger it shows you are not communicating well in your relationship. If there is a space between your third and smallest finger on your left hand you are not being kind to, or communicating with, yourself. Both have spaces? You are divorced or well on your way to a divorce! Better get working on self-love and communication.

The immune system deficiency line is an easy one to spot. It is called the addiction line (shows a genetic tendency to addictions) and the diabetes line. It simply means that you have toxicity in your system. When it is there, it means that you need to start some cleansing to clear up the system and the liver. The line is horizontal and about an inch above your wrist starting on the outside of the hand and moving towards your lifeline (the curvy line around your thumb). Ideally it should not be there at all, or be around a half inch long, but if clearly visible and heading towards your lifeline it can mean that you are prediabetic or diabetic. At the very least it means you need to do some nutritive cleansing. 

These are some of the possibilities that can be easily observed:

  1. Fertility 
  2. Ovarian cysts
  3. Heart issues
  4. Anxiety – all lines should be clear and well defined. If you have a lot of small worry lines it’s necessary to slow down, exercise more and meditate
  5. Relationship working (or not)
  6. Best possible transition age to change career direction. Age 35 is where the line of fate (under the tallest middle finger) meets the head line or intelligence line (the major line running between the other two lines in the hand -the lifeline around the thumb and the heart line; the horizontal first line under your fingers)
  7. Are you successful? Any line that heads towards the ring finger is a success line. Not worldly success necessarily – just success according to your own measurement of success. 
  8. Inherited bipolar tendencies
  9. Genetic tendency to addictions or alcoholism
  10.  Anger, sadness, resentment, and other power potential inhibitors clearly manifest in your palm and can be easily cleared
  11.  Career tendencies – office or not, self-employment or not? 
  12. Iron deficiency – feel the end of your fingernails by sliding your first finger along the top of each one and off the end. If you are iron deficient the end of the nail will curl upwards like a spoon 
  13. Zinc deficiency – too much stress decreases zinc and shows up as white dots on your fingernails

Hands have fascinated us for centuries. As far back as 2000 BC, Indian literature made references relating to the study of the human hand. There is also proof that the Chinese were studying hands more than a thousand years earlier than that. Today throughout the Middle East, hand reading is a very well-respected career calling. The Babylonians, Tibetans, Sumerians, as well as the early Hebrews, Egyptians and Persians recognized hand reading as a science. Palmistry was seriously studied by the ancient Greeks, who mapped out what hand shapes people in different careers had in common. Someone who is a manual laborer has square, practical hands and a teacher or philosopher will have long fingers with pointed ends. It was the Greeks who coined the word ‘chiromancy,’ the science of telling the future by the lines on the hand. Aristotle turned people’s fear to wisdom by his particular interest in the markings on the hands and the significance these have on our lives. His work, ‘Chiromantia’, is one of the earliest surviving texts on the topic. 

Hands have a special significance in almost every world culture, particularly in the way they relate to religious symbolism. Symbolic hand gestures have been used by priests, mystics and other religious heads for blessings, healings and purifying for hundreds of years. A hand reaching out in sympathy can be worth more than a thousand words.

We all know that the front of the hand is a visible map of the brain and body, but did you know how much information you can get from the BACK of someone’s hand? Do this:

Find a smooth surface like a table, shake your hands and place them face down. Are they cupped, which means that you are not good at intimacy, or are they flat down, which shows that you are trusting? First, look to see if your fingers are straight or curved. Straight is the goal – curved means that you have compromised your self in some way, depending on which finger is not straight. 

  1. Long, patient fingers or short impatient fingers? All fingers should be straight so that you know you are living life in a straight line and not through the eyes of someone else’s approval. 
  2. Thumb away from hand at a 45-degree angle means that you are open to change. Closed means that you are head down and living too cautiously
  3. Wide hand – capable and practical, slim hand artistic and a lover of beauty
  4. Knuckles – chunky knuckles mean that you are an individual and flat knuckles that you are a people pleaser.
  5. Little finger long and straight – a people person (VERY long you should be in the public eye), short you’ll be better working with animals or children. If the little finger on the left hand is curved it means that you were shy as a child. 
  6. Your longest middle finger should be straight and when hands are placed flat on a table the two fingers either side should be the same length as each other. First finger shorter means that you do not quite like yourself yet. First finger longer means that you’re putting WAAAY too much work into life!

Curious enough to want to know more? This is just a fraction of what you’ll learn about yourself. The rules are important; however, the interpretation and my forty years of experience makes all the difference in the world to your results. Full Life 2-hour reading (Palmistry, tarot and numerology) is $465. A gift certificate is available. Text me today on WhatsApp 1 416 494 2233 or email me please via [email protected]

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