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UP Entertainment: The Creators of the Uplifting Entertainment Genre Offer a Safe and Dependable Advertising Choice for Brands  

Uplifting, inspirational, positive, heartwarming, trusted, valuable, and family friendly. These are the descriptors for UP Entertainment, the multiplatform brand offering for viewers of all ages seeking entertainment – in any category – with relatable stories of love and respect and hope and faith. Celebrating 20 years, UP Entertainment features original and acquired content, scripted and non-scripted, and the diversified library focuses on a positive impact on people through uplifting stories.

“UP Entertainment is truly an embodiment of its own name. It is a warm comfortable pair of slippers on a chilly morning,” said Tim Winter, the industry veteran and former head of the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC). “Today, in particular, it is pivotal to have a family friendly destination like UP Entertainment that makes us feel good about ourselves.”

“With so much anger in the world right now, we need – and we seek – a platform that accentuates the positive,” he said. “We want to feel good. We want to celebrate. And we want to spend time as a family consuming content we can comfortably share together. For the audience, and for advertisers seeking positive brand representation, UP Entertainment fills that need.”

Charley Humbard, UP Entertainment Founder & CEO said, “There are 60 million people that seek programming that is positive and aligns with their values.  We have been curating content for them for over 20 years and know them better than anyone.  We are their trusted choice, and we ensure we are on major platforms where they can find our brands.  We have created subscription ad free services for them so they can choose an even more personalized and predictable experience and we continually innovate to ensure they have the best user experience in the streaming world.”

The Marketplace Today

Once upon a time, a typical market had three broadcast networks, two or three independent stations, and PBS. Flash to the arrival of Fox and there were four broadcast networks. Next, there were six networks and a plethora of cable networks. Now, of course, there are also a variety of digital platforms and other venues to stream programming. Consumers today have exponentially more viewing options, and they can choose from an array of programs, both on linear broadcast and on the streaming platforms.

At the height of the pandemic, millions of viewers found a safe haven with UP’s emphasis on positive storytelling. UPtv’s ratings surged across every daypart, according to Nielsen Media Research, and the strongest gains, particularly among women and adults 25-54, were in the weekday and weekend daytime blocks where viewing doubled over the prior quarter.  Post-pandemic the emphasis on positive storytelling continues to bring viewers to the channel.

“The proliferation of options that focus on dark and complex programming has opened a door for UPtv to tell stories that are lighter and offer uplifting characters,” noted Hector Campos, Senior Vice President of Content Strategy & Acquisitions at UP Entertainment. “Our collection of series and movies focus on love, laughter and positivity, which leave you feeling uplifted every day. Our audience knows what to expect and will not have to lunge for the remote because of questionable content.”

UP Entertainment

“Our viewers depend on us for more feel-good stories than anywhere else,” said Campos. “That is why UPtv is the trusted brand for adults seeking positive stories and uplifting moments. Since our launch in 2004, we have never strayed from our purpose of uplifting others with quality entertainment, and during that time, we have expanded our offering from two cable networks into the Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) and FAST space. We are meeting our audience wherever they are consuming content.

The FAST model offers programming for free, monetized through advertising. FAST services provide both linear channels and on-demand options at no cost to the viewers.

aspireTV, the network for Black life, style, stories and culture, is on the move and is poised to reach even greater heights as it expands its reach and enriches its programming lineup,” noted Angela Cannon, General Manager, aspireTV. “With a commitment to delivering compelling content that resonates with audiences across platforms, viewers can expect to find the network on both traditional linear platforms and the rapidly growing FAST services with aspireTV Life.”

aspireTV also recently launched its highly anticipated subscription streaming service, “aspireTV+,” now available to subscribers on Amazon Prime Channels, ensuring unparalleled accessibility for audiences nationwide,” she said.

In addition to aspireTV+, UP Entertainment also offers UP Faith & Family, the leading subscription streaming service for uplifting entertainment. Serving over a million families, UP Faith & Family has thousands of faith and family titles available to stream including exclusive premiere titles.

Also under the UP Entertainment umbrella is the SVOD GaitherTV+, which features a library of Country, Bluegrass and Christian concerts and specials; and Cine Romántico, a FAST channel in partnership with PixL Dos, featuring the best of Hollywood TV romance movies in Spanish.

Additionally, UP represents partner brands Ovation TV, the content hub for the arts, culture, and entertainment, and its AVOD and FAST services including Journy.

UP Entertainment’s pro-social initiative, UPlift Someone,” meanwhile, has inspired over 200 million people to uplift others through its social videos.

The Benefits for Brands with a Sponsorship on UP

“Successful advertising, of course, starts with the right message and messenger. But other components of a prosperous advertising campaign include the right vehicle that reaches the right consumer demographic,” said Tim Winter. “UP understands how important it is for the program content to be consistent with their brand images. That’s why family friendly platforms offer such a huge value premium for advertisers. Their content is safe. Their audience is dependable. And the reach is quantifiable.”

“The whole advertising-supported media environment today is a tempest and a family friendly outlet like UPtv is a safe port in the storm for advertisers,” he said.

“Brand affinity is strong and growing at UPtv, with our viewers responding to our content more positively than ever before,” said Lisa Fischer, UP Entertainment’s Executive Vice President of Advertising Saless, who cites QSR, finance, insurance, pharma, telecom, theatrical and online and package goods as the primary brand partner categories. “We’re up by 36 percent from our most recent viewers’ study. And UPtv is trusted TV, with 43 percent more of our viewers who say UPtv is trustworthy.”

“Our always UPLIFTING content plus POSITIVE programs and a TRUSTED space equals a VALUABLE audience for your brands to build an uplifting and positive partnership,” she said.

“On the aspireTV side, we have seen a tremendous response from advertisers recognizing the value of the audience not only through ad spend, but also by creating content with us through aspireTV Studios,” said Fischer.  “AspireTV Studios was created to build a more diverse and equitable creative supply chain by sourcing and connecting brands with diverse owned, operated and targeted content creators and production companies. AspireTV’s commitment to culture, content and connection has created a strong sense of community with our audience that advertisers want to be part of.”

Upcoming at UP Entertainment

“One additional feature that sets us apart from our competitors is that we have our own studio for production that ensures we have at least one new movie or series premiere for each week of the year,” noted UP’s Hector Campos. “A mix of movie and scripted series across a wide range of genres, including mystery, multi-generational and period pieces.”

“‘Heartland’ season 17 is premiering exclusively across our platforms and on linear in the first quarter of 2025. It is still going strong – and growing. ‘Heartland’ is one of the top 10 most streamed shows in the country,” he said. And ‘Hudson and Rex,’ our current hit, is up by as much as 211 percent, year to year, in women 25-54. Season six opens in 2025.”

“Since June 2022, aspireTV has premiered 10 new original lifestyle focused shows, each delivering fresh perspectives and captivating storytelling of the Black experience,” noted Angela Cannon. “Among these notable additions is “Style Kings,” a design series that invites viewers into the dynamic world of award-winning Interior Designer, Justin Williams, and world-renowned Clothier, Dedrick Thomas, offering a glimpse into their extraordinary lives and creative processes.”

“Furthermore, aspireTV has forged exciting partnerships, none more thrilling than its collaboration with Herschend Entertainment and the iconic Harlem Globetrotters. Together, they are set to unveil “Harlem Globetrotters: Secrets of the City,” an exotic international travel show that promises to uncover the hidden gems and untold stories of cities around the globe,” she said.

“And central to aspireTV’s mission is its unwavering dedication to highlighting the ongoing importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). This commitment is epitomized by the network’s newest show, “The Level Up Experiment,” which follows 16 junior and senior scholars from Clark Atlanta, Morehouse, and Spelman college as they embark on weekly challenges at local businesses.”

The Bottom Line

Families are a target audience with a huge amount of purchase power. Parents and children have conversations about the brands they see in TV commercials, and children’s opinions influence purchase decisions. Catering to the family unit, UP Entertainment offers an oasis of content for brands to reach their target audience in a safe and popular environment. And, for the audience, the library of content offers endless entertainment.