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Up Your Cyber Security Game Because the Danger Is Lurking Everywhere!

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The US celebrates Cybersecurity Awareness Month yearly to remind everyone of the sophisticated attacks that target almost everyone. The malicious hackers keep an eye on you every time from the ambush for that mistake that gives them an entry into your sensitive data and systems. No organization or individual can lower their guard, knowing this. Since these attacks can happen through malware, ransomware, or other routes, it can be impossible for an individual or a business to monitor the system and account activities every time. That’s where managed IT service providers come in your support. These tech companies can remotely solve all your IT concerns by implementing the proper methods and processes.

The data suggest that managed services sector can become USD $274 billion worth by 2026, growing at a compounded speed of 13.4% between 2022 and 2030. It shows that many businesses have started noticing their contribution in terms of increase in productivity, operations, etc. So, if you want to expand and minimize risks, someone like Triple Source Technologies can help you. Before this, let’s explore a few essential cyber hygiene practices for knowledge.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Turning to this type of authentication process to access accounts can be secure. You need to have other IDs for this. The secondary ID can include fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, or text. The additional layer in the login system makes it difficult for hackers to violate your account privacy and prevent them from accessing any detail entirely.   

Software update

Generally, people believe it helps them fix bugs or have better features. But updating your system is necessary to remove its vulnerabilities and security lapses. Nowadays, you get the auto-update option. If you don’t want to initiate this manually, turn to this option and secure your network and devices.


Many organizations use one password for different accounts, while every sensitive profile or data point deserves a separate password. Of course, hackers employ bots to steal passwords. But it’s ultimately an individual who uses the password. Once they get an idea of the type of password used in the system, it becomes easy for them to enter other accounts trying the same or similar patterns. Hence, encrypt the passwords and use password managers to know who is accessing a database. 

However, these are only basic steps. If you hire a managed IT services company, they will take care of everything. Their advanced knowledge helps them apply the best methods to secure your systems against cyberattack risks. Don’t worry about the cost. A reputed study shows that about 55% of companies have already started relying on managed services for their valuable assistance in lowering security threats. After the pandemic, these services have become even more integral to an organization’s operations as many people continue to work from a distance. From business associates to clients, everyone uses electronic communication. And as for pricing concerns, studies also suggest these professional services helped 50% of organizations save anywhere from 1-24% of IT costs a year. Another 33% of companies reported nearly 25-49% savings.

Hence, avoid risking your network and devices when there is a solution. Contract the right agency.