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Upcoming Movies on Netflix This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. For many, this is the time to spend a lot of time at home with family and friends. With more time to spare, the festive season is also the best time to grab some movies and watch all throughout the day. Below, we share with you upcoming movies that you will be able to stream on Netflix during the festive period (perfect for those who prefer settling for the latest movies only).

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“Beat Bugs” (Season 3)

“Beat Bugs” is coming back for season 3 this December. For those who have missed the first two seasons, “Beat Bugs” is an animated series, which follows the adventures of some cute bugs. The bugs find themselves transported to a world they haven’t seen before and as such, they are desperately trying to learn about this new world. Music from The Beatles help the bugs to cope as they try to learn all there is to learn about their new surroundings.

“La Reina Del Flow”

“La Reina Del Flow” is a Columbian telenovela. A woman is wrongly convicted after some of her ‘friends’ conspire to have her locked up. The woman is sentenced to 20 years in prison and she effectively serves all 20 years. Upon her release two decades later, there is only one thing in her mind i.e. to seek revenge.

“Super Drags”

“Super Drags” is a movie that follows the lives of three friends who live double lives. Donizetti, Ralph and Patrick are three friends who during the day lead normal lives. However, when night comes, they transform into Super Drags. As Super Drags, Donizetti, Ralph and Patrick become crime-fighting drag queens that save innocent citizens when they are under attack.


“Westside” is actually reality series and not a movie, but also worth mentioning. The series centers around nine upcoming pop artists. Following their day-to-day lives, the series exposes the challenges that they face in their pursuit of fame and fortune.

“Oh My Ghost”

“Oh My Ghost” is a romantic comedy. The protagonist in this movie is a female chef who is starting to get disillusioned with life, as she is lonely. However, as she is seeking the inspiration of what to prepare for her clients, she stumbles upon the work of a handsome chef. An affection for the chef quickly grows inside her. For many weeks, she finds it difficult to approach the handsome chef. However, in the end, she finally manages to fight her demon and approach the handsome chef.

“Prince of Peoria”

During his early days, a Prince is taught how precious and lovely it is to become King. In his mind, he begins to imagine power as something absolutely blissful. After some unforeseen circumstances, the young Prince is appointed the new King. However, the young Prince soon realizes that all he thought about power is not true. Disheartened, he runs away from his kingdom, adopts a new identity and lives in a foreign land as an ordinary child.