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Upgrade Your Home Theater With a Laser Projector

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Laser projectors for home theaters are the best way to display movies, television shows or other media at home. Based on your budget and display needs, you can choose a compact small room projector or a high-end laser projector that is suitable for larger spaces. Find out what makes a laser projector the ultimate home theater upgrade..

High-Quality Laser Projection

Laser projectors have high-quality projection capabilities with superior brightness and high resolution across a wide range of screen sizes. The brightness of laser projectors is measured in lumens. The compact PJ WXL5860 laser projector has 4,000 lumens while the PJ WUL5860 model has 4,700 lumens. Either of these compact models should be sufficient for most home theaters.

If you want a brighter laser projector that can perform well in larger spaces with high ambient light levels, you should compare the specifications of models in the PJ 6600 series. These conference room projector models range from the PJ WUL6670 model with 7,200 lumens up to the WUL6690 model with 9,600 lumens. These high-end laser projectors have WUXGA chips for widescreen HD projection and allow for advanced display settings.

All of these laser projectors have adjustable screen sizes ranging from approximately 30 or 40 inches up to 300 inches. These models are rated to operate without maintenance for up to 20,000 hours, which is up to seven times the operating life of conventional projector lamps.

Start Up In Seconds

Laser projectors start-up and power off in a matter of seconds, which is much faster than conventional projectors. You can count on the multi-module design of the PJ 6600 series to operate reliably even if one of the diodes malfunctions.

In addition to fast start-up, laser projectors are easy to set-up in a home theater. Projectors in the PJ 6600 Series feature HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT inputs. Use the remote control to perform geometric corrections and access focus, zoom and lens shift functions.

The Compact PJ WXL5860 and PJ WUL5860 laser projectors support HDMI 2.0 connectivity and are compatible with 4K signals. These portable models also come with remote controls for quick and easy adjustment.

360-Degree Installation Options

You can choose from a wide range of home theater installation options for any laser projector. Install any of these laser projectors on the ceiling, floor or wall. In addition to considering the desired screen size, screen distance and offset, it is also worthwhile to factor in the footprint of the projector itself, much like that of a compact printer

The remote controls that come with these laser projector models make it easy to adjust display settings without directly accessing the projector. The PJ 6600 series of laser projectors supports grid, keystone, four corner and six point correction. Compact laser projectors provide built-in four corner correction and keystone adjustment.

Whether you choose a compact or high-end model, a laser projector can significantly upgrade the display for your home entertainment setup. Compare the display features of these laser projector models to choose the best projector for your home theater.