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Upgrading Your Computer’s RAM

Nowadays, employing a computer is quite just a luxury. it’s become a necessity for nearly everyone to raised perform their daily duties. Regardless if you’re still a student otherwise you are a working professional, you’ll get to use a computer a method or another. Every day, more and more applications and software are being released to assist all of their needs, and every software version needs more memory than the last one.

If you’re employing a pretty dated computer version, you’ll encounter numerous issues while running these new programs. it’s going to cause delayed responses, crashing, or unexpected closing of your software applications. one of the simplest ways to enhance your computer’s performance by upgrading its RAM.

What is RAM

RAM or also known as random access memory, is the memory that is used by your computer to run different types of programs and open any of the processes that occur when your computer is turned on. If your computer’s RAM does not have adequate space to run certain files during the process, your computer is going to be freeze or worst unexpectedly shutdown. Think of it as an operator who handles all the functionalities of your computer. If it gets too loaded, then you’ll bound to experience some delays.

Luckily, RAM is often upgraded. There are tons of brands and models to settle on to form sure that your computer is going to be at its highest efficiency. apart from that, upgrading your computer’s RAM poses tons of benefits for your day-to-day computer activities. Let’s check out some benefits.

Advantages of actually upgrading your computer’s RAM

  1. It makes it easier for you to multitask

Most often than not, you’re doing multiple things on your computer. you’ll have multiple browsers, programs, and software opened all at an equivalent time. By doing so, your RAM’s storage is going to be filled and it’s going to be harder for you to try to do your job — especially if you’re employing a program that chews up tons of storage.

Upgrading your computer’s RAM will allow you to navigate swiftly across these programs and can allow you to perform the tasks efficiently, too. you’ll switch from one page to a different and it’ll lower your downtime. However, just note that RAM isn’t a tool for speeding up your computer process. It’s just a further space so that your computer properly.

  1. It allows you to browse faster

As mentioned before, using multiple browser tabs can hamper your browsing experience. Yes, your Internet connection is just one liable for your delayed browsing. confine mind that every browser tab occupies space on your RAM. On average, one Google Chrome browser takes up to 2GB of RAM storage. So, if you simply have 4GB RAM capacity, adding another browser may cause delays in your computer’s performance.

Although apart from RAM, a USB flash drive also can help in improving the computer’s performance. Geek and tech enthusiasts like you have already tried and are aware of ReadyBoost available in Windows 7 and Above. The ReadyBoost USB flash drive makes the computer perform and function faster and reduce the boot by a great margin. Besides ReadyBoost, there’s another way to fix your slow computer with a special USB stick that runs a separate Linux operating system on your computer. But be sure RAM and USB flash drives are two different peripherals and have their own different purposes in computers.

The large image and video files on most websites also are taking over space on your RAM, especially if the video plays automatically. Due to the plugins needed for these files to figure, your computer will need extra memory executing the method. And while having a bigger RAM capacity won’t prevent this auto-play function from working, it’s an honest touch to extend the storage of your computer so it’ll not just immediately freeze.

  1. It will assist you to print faster

Have you ever tried printing large files and standing beside the printer for a few minutes before it prints? It is most probably caused by low Ram storage available on your computer. This is because the programs used for printing files and documents also uses your RAM. So this means that if your computer has low RAM available, chances are it is going to make printing slow. 

You can easily compare it to a buffering YouTube video playing on slow internet speeds. It’s an almost equal process that undergoes when you are printing. If you would like to make sure that every time you print you get it done fast then it is evident for you to check your RAM and upgrade it if necessary.

  1. It will help programs run better

If you’re a video editor or a photographer who uses special high-end programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere, performing on a better RAM capacity will assist you to become more efficient. While photo and video editing could also be something easy for you, it’s quite a hard task for the pc. Using this software requires a bigger RAM capacity for better functionalities. Rendering alone may eat up about 2GB to 3GB of your RAM counting on the file size — which is simply one among the many functions available within the program.

Another advantage of upper RAM is once you are playing games. Most of the games today are made with very impressive 3D graphics that look almost as equivalent as in actual life. If you would like to possess an enhanced gaming experience, consider upgrading your RAM. it’ll also allow you to possess smooth and seamless gaming sessions.


If you think that your old laptop is best to contribute the trash, then re-evaluate. rather than buying a whole computer, consider upgrading a number of its parts first, as the RAM. it’ll offer you the higher performance that you simply need, plus it’ll save tons of cash.