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Used Small & Mini Excavators For Sale

The market for used excavators for sale has experienced significant growth as construction and landscaping projects demand versatile and budget-friendly construction equipment. Mini excavators, including hydraulic and wheeled mobile excavators, are well-suited to both smaller projects and heavy equipment tasks. Buyers can choose from popular brands and models in the massive inventory of equipment on various marketplaces, which often offer asset appraisal services and convenient buying formats. When searching for the ideal excavator, buyers can not only compare location, year, and price but also utilize site features to save and manage searches for the most attractive offers.

2015 Bobcat E26 – $11,900

Introducing the 2015 Bobcat E26, a heavy-duty excavator perfect for your construction needs. With a prior use as a rental, this machine has been well-maintained and is currently located in Yucaipa, CA. With 2,565 hours on the meter, this machine is built to help you tackle any project with confidence.

This excavator offers an array of valuable features, including a hydraulic coupler, auxiliary hydraulics, blade, 18-inch bucket, canopy control station, and an operator & maintenance manual. Equipped with a powerful Kubota V1505-EF01, 4-cylinder, 24.8 hp engine, and an operational weight of 5,666 lbs, this machine is ready to handle any heavy equipment task.

While watching and comparing different types of excavators, you will come to appreciate the high-quality construction and performance of this Bobcat E26, which offers Powerhouse Protection. Before buying, feel free to search, visit, and compare the E26 with other excavators in the marketplaces.

We have performed an inspection on this machine and found several great aspects: a clean and dry engine appearance with no active leaks, normal startup with no smoke issues, good forward and reverse function, clean hydraulics and smooth operation, normal functioning of the boom, blade, and swing table, and an overall well-functioning machine.

However, some areas require attention, such as the slits and cracks in the track belts, dirty radiator coolers that need cleaning, and worn engine belts. With minor attention and service, this Bobcat E26 will operate at its best.

When considering buying or comparing heavy equipment, our Ritchie list provides an extensive selection of popular types and models, and this Bobcat E26 is ready. So why not buy a machine that has been proven reliable and efficient, with Powerhouse Protection and service marks guaranteeing top performance? Add the 2015 Bobcat E26 to your saved searches and take advantage of this great offer today!

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2022 BOBCAT E35I

This 2022 Bobcat E35i mini excavator is currently for sale and has been significantly reduced in price. With just 140 hours of prior use in landscaping, it is located in Cherry Valley, CA, and is available for immediate purchase. Inspection reports highlight the machine’s excellent condition, with a clean engine, fully functioning transmission, and well-maintained hydraulic system. The mini excavator is equipped with a long stick option, auxiliary hydraulics, an enclosed cabin, A/C, and heat. It comes with a 12″ bucket, 24″ bucket, and a blade. Powered by a Kubota diesel engine, the compact machine is perfect for landscaping, tree services, and other earth-moving tasks. Finance, shipping, and Powerhouse Protection are available to ensure a hassle-free purchase experience. It’s ready to sell.

2018 KUBOTA KX033-4

This 2018 Kubota KX033-4 mini excavator, a popular equipment type in the construction and digging market and one of the new items on the site, is now for sale at a competitive price. With only 896 hours of prior use as part of a rental fleet, its location is in Upper Marlboro, MD, offering immediate availability for buyers. The inspection summary showcases the excellent condition of this mini digger, featuring a clean and dry engine compartment with no active leaks and a well-maintained hydraulic system.

The undercarriage components and tracks are in great shape, with about 80% life remaining. This type of excavator comes equipped with a 24″ bucket, 8″ hydraulic thumb, blade, auxiliary hydraulics, quick coupler, pilot controls, an enclosed cab, and A/C and heat – ensuring smooth operation for its owners. Powered by a 24HP diesel engine, the Kubota KX033-4 is perfect for navigating tight spaces and rough terrain.

With minimal wear on its hydraulic system, controls, safety systems, and attachments, this heavy equipment is a valuable addition to your fleet. Boom & Bucket offers hassle-free shipping and low-rate financing options, as well as Powerhouse Protection that ensures buyers receive unmatched security during their purchase experience.

2008 Hitachi ZX270LC-3

While not a mini-ex, we couldn’t let this steal not make the list. The 2008 Hitachi ZX270LC-3 excavator, located in Spring, Texas, is a robust and adaptable machine, perfect for various applications in mining, and infrastructure projects. Equipped with a 173-horsepower Isuzu diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, and an operational weight of 60,627 lbs, this excavator, situated in Texas, can easily handle heavy lifting tasks with its manual grapple attachment.

This particular unit has been primarily utilized in general construction and is available for immediate use. The machine has 10,070 hours of operation logged, and a comprehensive 150+ point inspection report that highlights both strengths and areas that need attention. Among its positive attributes, the engine starts smoothly without unusual noises or smoke issues, and the hydrostatic transmission components are in good condition. The chassis and hydraulic systems, including lines, fittings, and cylinders, are also in satisfactory order.

However, some maintenance work is needed in areas such as an engine leak at the valve cover area, a missing coolant overflow container, and signs of an active leak around the swing drive. Additionally, minor oil leakage is present at the boom and stick cylinders, and there is residual oil on the cabin floor mat due to a leak at the left joystick console. Sprockets and upper rollers exhibit over 50% wear, and several panels, covers, lights, and the backup camera require repair or replacement.

Despite these issues, the Hitachi ZX270LC-3 remains a reliable choice for buyers in Texas seeking a cost-effective, high-performance excavator. With a detailed inspection report and available financing options, this machine could prove a valuable addition to your heavy equipment lineup.

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The increasing demand for versatile and cost-effective equipment has driven the market for used excavators for sale, including mini excavators, hydraulic excavators, and wheeled excavators. These machines cater to a variety of construction projects and are particularly well-suited for smaller projects, landscaping tasks, and heavy equipment applications.

Buyers can find a huge inventory of popular brands and affordable models through marketplaces that offer location, year, and price comparisons, as well as saved search features to streamline their search. By leveraging this wealth of information, buyers can make informed decisions about used excavators that align with their specific needs.

As the need for versatile equipment continues to grow, used mini excavators and other types of excavators are becoming a go-to choice for contractors and owners alike. Whether for digging, demolition, or soil-moving tasks, purchasing a used excavator can prove to be a smart investment. By carefully comparing available options and utilizing various site features, buyers can enjoy a private buying experience tailored to their requirements.

In an ever-evolving construction and landscaping industry, the value of used excavators cannot be underestimated. As these machines continue to maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs, purchasers can reap the benefits of a competitive edge without sacrificing quality. So, embark on your search for the perfect used excavator today and unlock the potential of these powerful, compact, and budget-friendly machines. With a vast selection of hydraulic, wheeled, and mini excavators for sale, you’re sure to find the ideal dirt diggers to elevate your construction or landscaping projects to new heights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capitalize on the growing market of used excavators and secure a valuable asset for years to come.