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Useful Articles About Working with Ecommerce

You can find thousands of articles about ecommerce online. News, tips, guides, and other content are created every second. No one has enough time to read so much information. So, what articles are worth your time? Is it an article about page speed conversion rate impact on business from Mirasvit or a study of users’ hate towards NFTs? There is no right answer to this query. However, we compiled a list of articles about ecommerce that we think are useful for people dealing with online business. 

Voice search impact for ecommerce   

Today, 71% of internet users choose voice search over text. The reason is simple: talking is fast and hands-free. But what effect does this statistic have on ecommerce, if any? Mirasvit’s article about ecommerce voice search perspectives offers analytics and a simple run-down of the topic, together with some tips on adaptation to this future. Articles about the pitfalls of voice search are also useful. For example, you may learn about the rise in spelling errors in search queries and ways to combat it.    

SEO optimization tips by Mirasvit  

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, still is the most important part of Internet marketing. Searches in Google, Bing, and other engines are driving a lot of traffic to the websites. It’s only natural that store owners should appeal to them. We recommend an article by Mirasvit that encompasses all the basics you need to know about Magento SEO optimization. The article will explain why you may need certain tools like redirects, readable URLs, and sitemaps, and how yo use them. 

Guide to Ecommerce  

“Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce” by HubSpot offers information and advice for aspiring online entrepreneurs. Established store owners should also pay some attention to it. Ecommerce is always changing, five years old fundamental strategies can already be obsolete or even harmful in certain cases. This article will tell you about types of commerce, offer tips on how to start your business, promote your products, and reveal best ecommerce practices. It also will show you examples of bustling stores on the Shopify platform.     

Why Ecommerce Fail  

There is another side to the ever-growing field of online business. The harsh reality is that 90% of all modern startups eventually fail. It’s not that scary cause the remaining 10% encompass tens of thousands of successful businesses. However, it is useful to know why ecommerce fails. An article from Failory on that topic offers a list of 16 common reasons for that. For example, poor marketing, annoying pop-ups, and unoptimized SEO. Author explains pitfalls and offers advice on how to avoid them. 

The importance of M-Commerce  

The mobile market dominates ecommerce nowadays. More than 50% of customers prefer using mobile apps, and this number is only growing each year. However, a lot of shop owners ignore this tendency. Authors from Fast Simon wrote an article about the importance of M-Commerce just for those oblivious to this substantial revenue source. The article will explain why you should enter the mobile market and what tactics you may employ. 

The Amazon Effect

After a certain disease grounded everyone for a year, a previously predictable landscape of ecommerce changed forever. One of the prominent players that rose to Olympus was Amazon. Amazon dominated online shopping, set up its reign over it and drove away any significant competition. The authors from Flowspace explain this phenomenon and give insight how small and middle class retailers can thrive under the eye of big companies.