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Useless Tech Products That You Do Not Need To Buy

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With the tech world advancing faster than ever, new gadgets are becoming available on the market, each and every month. While many of us flock to the latest crazes, due to these products having hype on the internet, there are some that are completely useless and do not deserve the hype that they have received. With tech progressing rather quickly, we understand how hard it can be to keep up with it all but consider our guide on what to avoid as a staple to your decisions moving forward.

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Radiation Protection Stickers 

As bizarre as this tech item may sound, it does exist on the market today! These devices have been made to block the radiation that can be emitted from devices like mobiles, laptops etc. Retailers and marketing campaigns say that these are a perfect opponent against 5G and the heightened electromagnetic field, but the fact that you are encouraged to stick these stickers so liberally on all your devices, is a bit of a nuisance. 

The question that logically arises when using these is, where does the radiation go once it has been blocked? Does it stay in the sticker, and what happens when it fills up? The idea of the concept really does not sound safe, and if the stickers do exactly what is claimed, the wireless internet connection on your devices would not actually work either, as the waves from your router would get sucked up too. Logic doesn’t support this whatsoever, so why buy it? Only the scientifically less inclined would go for these, and even then, without the science backing it up, it is a huge waste of money. Some anti-5G equipment has actually been proven to emit dangerous levels of radiation themselves, so it does not sound like a lesser evil when push comes to shove, does it? Microsoft did catch wind of these tech devices and called them out for being absolute rubbish. Enough said. 

Router Guards

Next thing on the agenda is a similar concept but a guard for the radiation waves emitted from your router. Many people on the internet have spoken out against the waves emitted from a Wi-Fi router, labelling it as a cause for greater electromagnetic hypersensitivity. These shields have sold a killing force for those that believe the hearsay-particularly on the TikTok community. However, should these guards seriously do what they claim to do, you will find that no internet connection will work whatsoever on your devices. So, similar to the radiation stickers, these do not deserve the time and attention.

Microphone Blockers 

With privacy being a huge concern in the world of the internet, microphone blockers were a craze to be introduced to prevent anyone ‘listening in’. The idea of this is, you plug it where the audio jack would be, or a similar location within your mobile phone too. This blocker imitates the noise of a real microphone with no chances of anyone listening in. While those buying these are worried about surveillance or hackers, the idea behind it is completely useless, as if there is nothing plugged into your audio jack, it would not be obligated to allow anyone to listen in the first place.