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Using Promotional Codes for Your E-Commerce Business

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Using promo codes is one of the significant ways of enticing your customers. A promotional code can either apply to a specific product or to an entire purchase order.

Generally, promotional codes are alphanumeric strings used by online stores to draw traffic to their websites. So how do promotional codes work? Read below for better understanding;

How promotional codes work

Depending on the store you purchase from, you benefit from receiving the promotion either as a percentage or per dollar amount. 

Some stores can go as far as attaching a gift package alongside the product you order. This promotional method entices customers more, thus making them order more once in need.

Typically, a promotional code contains both numbers and letters and is commonly used for specific marketing campaigns.

Why promotional codes are effective

A store offers promotional codes with the primary purpose of persuading customers to purchase the products. This method is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. This is realized as the e-commerce store generates more revenue while the buyer gets the products at a lower price.

Promotional codes are highly advantageous as they work well for both new and recurring customers.  Research done by Claremont Graduate University proved that a promotional code is far much better than a gift. A promotional code is proven to build higher levels of oxytocin hormone in individuals involved. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for creating feelings of happiness in an individual.

With that physical effect in mind, it’s a wise idea to instill promotional codes in your website business plan, irrespective of how hard you are trying to monetize your blog.

Tracking your sales efforts with promotional codes

An article done by Inc. magazine states that promotional codes are one of the most effective ways of determining where your sales are high.  This means help you gauge your different sales platforms in matters of profitability. 

To achieve this, store owners track their sales by attaching a specific promotional code to a specific advertisement or marketing campaign. The advantage is that you cannot create different discount codes for each campaign, as different promo codes can trigger the same discount.

For instance, you can create your codes as SaleFB for Facebook, SalePT for Pinterest or Sale TW for Twitter. With this format, you will not struggle to tell which platform generates more sales. Instead, attach specific numbers to your ads that will help you know where your customer came across your products.

So how do I use the promotion code/ how do I go about it? Below is all that is required of you after such a purchase;

How to use promotional codes

When a customer gets a promo code, the store checks out whether it meets all its requirements.  For example, a promo code may authorize a twenty per cent discount on goods worth $200 and above. If your purchase is below this amount, you do not qualify for the discount.

The requirements may also exclude some brands in the same store. Therefore, when you want to benefit from a promo code, it’s essential to understand the requirement to make the best selection in your purchase.

Using multiple codes for one store

Depending on your flexibility and understanding of promotion codes, you can choose the best that works for you. Organizations choose between using a single code or different codes on their websites.

Nevertheless, you should set your main focus on the profitability of your sales. Therefore, the type of codes you use should not negatively affect the profits you gain. Therefore, be vigilant and wise when dealing with these codes.

Whether you limit your customers to using just one or multiple promotion codes, ensure your business runs safely and usually.


Promotion codes are a great deal for drawing traffic to your site. So create these codes of you are missing on these fantastic benefits. But always, ensure that your profits are not deterred. It should be a win-win for both the customer and the buyer. Promotional codes might be the only thing your store is missing.