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Using TrueDialog and Text Messaging to Enhance the B2B Experience

B2B companies have been trying to improve their customer experience for a long time now, and many organizations are wondering how they can market their services in a more creative and effective way. There is only a 15 percent chance, on average, that a consumer will open a B2B email, and business owners might be wondering what could improve their open rates and entice more customers to look into what they have to offer.

There are unique challenges regarding the B2B sector in particular. Some companies might be tempted to create clickbait emails, which only end up affecting their credibility. Other B2B businesses may not have the right “story” or creative content that makes a consumer feel like they are offering any concrete insights or value. There are still B2B organizations that rely on cold calling, which isn’t a productive approach when you consider that it’s only effective two percent of the time. Many successful companies in the B2B sector also face a legacy system issue, and 60 percent of B2B companies are seeking younger workers specifically because they tend to have a better understanding of new technologies.

Text messaging is the quickest and most personal way to engage with customers of all kinds. While embracing a new customer engagement strategy can seem overwhelming and intimidating, TrueDialog makes it so that the transition is not only harmless but also seamless. If you are searching for the most cost-effective and technologically comprehensive SMS sales tool for optimizing B2B campaigns, look no further than TrueDialog.

Shopify SMS, meanwhile, helps Shopify stores increase their conversion rates with ease, automation, and efficiency.

A Data-Driven Alternative to Cold Calling

Technology is constantly evolving, which means that marketers are always finding new ways to target new consumers and demographics. It can be extremely difficult to figure out a way to lure customers in, whether by trying out different content strategies or email templates, or figuring out new ways to generate leads. Some of these unconventional methods might include live chats or even turning to machine learning for more effective leads.

Email marketing can be effective, but the fact that hundreds of billions of emails are sent each day often causes consumers to ignore or delete them. Even when an email provides value, for example, there is still the question of the click-through rate – whether the user will actually visit your website and consider your services. You might be adding value, for instance, but not providing a clear call to action.

Many companies might think that since their emails aren’t getting opened, they should transition to sales calls instead. However, there’s another major issue here: 97 percent of business calls simply go unanswered. As of 2018, businesses reported an average of eight cold call attempts. This is proof that the cold calling approach is dying off as a customer outreach strategy. Let’s examine some alternatives that might help your B2B business and its conversion rate.

Your business requires a more efficient and innovative outreach technique to remain competitive in 2020. Data suggests that text messaging solutions are the best alternative for reaching potential customers. Why? For starters, the average American checks their phone 96 times a day. Cell phone users also report opening 98 percent of the SMS text messages that they receive.

Additionally, texts have a 209 percent better response rate than email, Facebook, and voice messages. Yes, text messaging outreach might be a paradigm shift, but businesses that pivot toward this strategy can expect record-high customer engagement. TrueDialog makes it incredibly easy for first-time clients to start using text messaging for mass communication as well as two-way text conversations.

How to Make SMS Strategies Work for Your Business

There is no doubt that text messaging allows for a more personalized customer experience, especially given the fact that it can provide promotions or deals instantly. However, there are still challenges to consider. Organizations will have to establish their brand reputation first to ensure an effective text messaging campaign. B2B businesses also have to adhere to strict regulations for getting consent to send text messages, as they could potentially end up paying out millions if they decide to ignore them.

Another major issue is the fact that mass texting can end up being ineffective if it is used too much. Your company might be ecstatic about the fact that a consumer opted in to receive texts, only to find that customers are reading your texts but eventually lose interest in what you have to offer over time. If you are using a mass texting platform that doesn’t make it easy for the consumer to stop receiving messages, it can end up feeling invasive. Some B2B businesses might also fail to identify themselves properly in the texts, which obviously affects how their message is received.

Ultimately, text messaging can be an incredible tool for businesses to announce new product launches, sales, and send appointment reminders. However, your business might be using the method wrong if it is sending too many texts or sending texts at the wrong time. This is why it’s critical to plan out your text message strategy and identify processes to ensure a positive experience for customers.

The TrueDialog Difference

TrueDialog offers an SMS solution for B2B organizations that can provide new ways to scale up mass texting campaigns to meet business needs. The company is no stranger to the SMS text messaging world, as it has been leading the sector since 2008.

When a business wants to conduct one-to-many or one-to-one communication with a customer or prospect, texting is the ideal vehicle for that targeted exchange. TrueDialog serves thousands of customers who send hundreds of millions of text messages each year. Whether for an enterprise-level company or a small business on a budget, TrueDialog’s unmatched technology and customer focus make this leading SMS text messaging service the ideal partner.