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UX in Online Gaming Industry. Why Gambling Sites Should Change the Attitude?

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When online casinos are being designed, one thing that is of importance is User Experience, also known as UX. A positive user experience is what will keep players returning to a site. 

As gambling websites continue to evolve, they add new and innovative features that improve the overall UX and offer players a realistic way to engage in real money play from the comforts of home.

The primary concern for any operating site should be to attract and retail players. By creating loyalty, operators will enjoy a long-term relationship with customers. 

Taking time to create content that offers features that will provide the best possible experience is the key to success for any online operator.

Adopting a Customer-First Strategy  

Online casinos that are entering the industry need to adjust their attitudes and way of conducting business if they wish to succeed. UX is all about placing focus on users and making their experience easy, especially when sites include a lot of content that can be confusing. 

The best way to incorporate UX strategy is by creating an effective way to direct users. This can be done by simplifying registration processes, making the process of betting easy, and offering account management with simple payment solutions like a Paylevo casino, where payments can be conducted safely, quickly, and securely.

One of the challenges operators face is creating a lobby that provides enough information to attract players without appearing crowded. Sites that have too many options or use complex layouts will distract users, and this can have a negative effect on the user experience.

Make Use of Feedback

Customer feedback can be quite useful when re-designing or altering a casino layout online. The most effective way to find out what works best is through customer feedback and opinion. Getting existing users to provide feedback on their experience is the number one way to make improvements. Operators can learn whether players experience obstacles when creating accounts or accessing games. They can also learn about what players would like to see added or changes at a site. The best gaming companies will engage in user testing before making any major site changes and ensure these changes will appeal to players and be more effective in attracting and retaining members.

Set a Brand Apart from Others

The online gambling industry is highly competitive, and with thousands of websites operating, operators are always competing for new and loyal players. Many online casinos have a similar layout and look like other operating sites. 

UX can help a new brand distinguish itself from others that are already operating. By offering a unique layout that is simple and easy to navigate, sites have a better chance of attracting new players who are looking for fast and simple navigation without the clutter seen at many existing casino sites.

Most gamblers today are looking for a simple way to connect with their favorite games. They want easy access. Operators that place too much attention on bonuses or game selections often lose customers because of the difficulty in accessing other areas of the site. 

By having simple menu options that guide users to the cashier, terms and conditions, and customer support, casinos are able to provide a user-friendly environment that will enhance the user experience.


Many online casinos still believe that highlighting game portfolios and promotions will be the best way to attract players. However, UX plays a pivotal role in attracting customers. 

Gamblers want a simple way to navigate sites and do not want to be bombarded with information that may be useless to their experience. By offering a streamlined UX design and layout that is simple while visually appealing, casinos will have better success in retaining loyal members.