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Valentine’s Day Present

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Every year in mid-February. The ice and snow on the earth are about to melt. When the coldness of early spring blows sober and caresses the face. We ushered in this season’s limited romantic moment – Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning to celebrate it, create a personalized holiday for your loved one. There are so many fun, creative, romantic and affordable gifts to choose from for Valentine’s Day. Giraffe Tools has prepared the most distinctive, practical and thoughtful gifts for you. Since these gifts are more thoughtful than ordinary candy or plush teddy bears, your loved ones will appreciate them even more. Check out our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts below.

Retractable hose reel:

Giraffe Tool’s Retractable Hose Reel is an incredible gift choice for anyone with a large garden. This is the perfect luxurious gift for the gardener. Because the retractable hose will greatly reduce your work when you water the flowers. Giraffe Tools has the longest retractable hose reel with 155ft of hose. 180° Swivel bracket, easily cover every corner of your garden. When you are done watering, just pull gently and the hose will automatically and neatly retract the hose. The weather resistance and UV protection of the hose is absolutely durable.

Maybe your lover is a garage lover, have you thought about what gift to give your lover? Giraffe Tools has many good suggestions.

Usually in our garage there will be a lot of tools, such as air compressor tubes, extension cords, washing machine and so on. Space gets messed up if we don’t organize these things well. Do her and him a favor and buy a self retracting reel. A good reel will make winding and unwinding your various hoses a breeze. That way you can easily access it when you need it, and make sure it doesn’t sit on the ground for weeks or months and crack and leak, or even trip over yourself.

Giraffe tools have a variety of automatic retraction devices.

ALL-IN-ONE Pressure Washer : The Giraffe Wall Mount Pressure Washer is a neat combination of self-retracting hose and pressure washer. When using, just start the machine, gently pull out the hose, and the hose will automatically retract after use. It has a powerful internal storage body, which can quickly store the spray gun, nozzle, and foam pot. It is an easy-to-use and very space-saving organized unit.

Retractable air hose reel: If you don’t want your lover to roll up the air hose laboriously. A self-retracting air hose reel is well worth it. The Giraffe Tools Self-Retracting Air Reel has a hose guide that reels the air hose quickly and neatly.

Retractable Extension Cord reel: Even the best cable reel can be frustrating if you’re trying to reel a stiff, inflexible extension cord. Do your loved one a favor and buy this durable, kink-free version.

Fancy gifts are flashy, so keep an eye on your loved ones. Find a more functional gift that she or he needs.