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Verification of Players in Gambling: Why Is It Needed?

There are almost no online casinos that do not require identity confirmation. The verification will be required upon the first withdrawal of funds or if the withdrawal of winnings exceeds a certain amount. This often causes a negative reaction among the players: someone regrets the time spent on gambling, and someone simply does not want to share personal data with strangers. How to verify your casino account, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of identity confirmation – read below.

Why Do You Need a Verification In a Casino?

Let’s say that you have read the Golden Tiger casino review and decided to create an account. In most cases, you need to send a scan or photo of your ID for verification. Sometimes they may require an additional scan of registration or a bank card photo. These requirements usually scare most newcomers.

There are three important reasons why gambling establishments request account verification:

  • To make sure that the client is allowed to gamble by law (he has reached the eligible age);
  • To ensure consumer protection against fraudulent use of any credit or debit cards, bank accounts, and/or other payment methods;
  • To stop multi-accounting attempts to receive the same bonuses several times.

However, such precautions are primarily required to prevent the fraudulent activity of users.

How To Get Verified At the Casino?

Of course, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the virtual club before registering. Each gaming portal has a set of rules that must not be violated when withdrawing winnings. Many beginners make mistakes during the first stages when creating a profile, which negatively affects further verification at the club.

The first and most important rule for a successful check is that there are no duplicate game accounts. It is prohibited to have multiple accounts at any online casino. The personal profile must contain only the real data. So, enter your personal information carefully and without mistakes.

Different documents may be required depending on the platform. For example, they may request:

  • scan or photo of ID in good quality;
  • a copy of the driver’s license;
  • scan or photo of the bank card from which the deposit was made;
  • screenshot of the payment system from which the account was replenished.

The above documents are the standard for verifying an online casino account. Many novice players are afraid to send a photo of a bank card. However, nothing will happen and nobody can use this data until you share the CVV code, which is confidential information.

Is It Dangerous To Send Your Data To the Online Casino?

In licensed online casinos, players’ personal information is stored on secure servers. Personal data leakage into the network is excluded.

However, fraudulent gambling clubs can distribute confidential player data for personal purposes. Therefore, carefully choose a casino to play – read the rules, ask questions to technical support specialists, read reviews of real players. Good luck!