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Very Simple Baccarat Win Strategy

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I will introduce the winning strategy of the baccarat. It is a straightforward strategy that you can use. As you know, every system you can find online or on YouTube is not 100 guaranteed wins.

There is always a chance to lose, which applies to my strategy to explain the lookout point. While you’re using my system, here is how to use my technique. First, you need to get into one of the baccarat games.

Okay, this is a speed buffer live from evolution gaming. When you’re in the game, you need to look at the history of the beat road. Okay, it would be best if you waited until one line is filled up right now. 

Let’s say this is the first line is filled up right then you need to wait and check out the first result from the following line, which is here, and if the second line first result, which is a banker. If this is the same as the player, you need to bet the opposite from the first line’s previous history.

Let me explain from here right now: this line is filled up with a banker. So, with banker and banker, it’s. The same consequence right then, you need to bet opposite from banker who is playing here, and here’s, a banker ( pokdeng ).

So, you need to play that player here, right, and you need to use the martingale betting system. So, you bet one unit here. If you lose, two teams lose four teams. Eight units 16 companies like that, so right now, if you see here, you need to bet opposite from the history.

From this line, so player you lost, so you lost one unit. Now you bet two teams on the player, and you want here right and if the first result from the two lines is opposite, for example, here player and the banker right, you need to bet a saying from the previous history.

For example, right now player and banker are opposite, so you need to bet one unit on the banker, so you won the banker right. If you lose, you know you go with the martingale. This is a straightforward strategy that can use, and well, it’s not here, while you’re playing like in the middle of the line, for example, you bet here you get tied right, then you ignore, and you just bet it Again, let me find the room where their Thai is located: uh yeah! Let’s go here, so here, players and bankers, you need to bet the opposite.

I’m. Sorry same so banker. It would be best if you bet banker here, but that came up, so you ignore it and bet again, and banker see. Then this will come out. You will lose one unit, but your martingale to the second step.

Then you would have one because the banker will go up here. The banker and banker it matches right that’s, how you play elementary right, but no matter what I tell you guys how simple the strategy this is, you will always have a chance to lose.

Okay, so here are some lookout points that you need to be very, very careful of okay, do not play too long, and do not rush. In this system, you don’t need to run. You need to take your time slowly and grind in your money.

Okay, if you play too long, you will lose every other casino game, roulette, blackjack poker, whatever. If you play too long, you will fail at the end, right, and if I told you that you don’t want to rush right.

So, this is what I do when I win one time from the table. I leave the table. Okay, and wait about five minutes, then go to the other table and play there. If I won five times in total, I stopped play, and I waited for about an hour or more.

Then I come back and play okay. That way, you can minimize the chance of losing okay. I try, I try to rush. I try to play long. In the end, I lost everything because there is a chance of losing okay number two.

If there are too many ties in the game, you don’t play. Ah, let’s, see let’s check out any other games that have a lot of relations. I think this one. Yes, as you can see here, there’s a one-two, three four five ties right: there are many relations.

I consider five ties. It’s. Quite a lot of relations. Okay, you don’t want to play here. You skip it and go to another table, okay, number three: if either banker or player has winning streaks of six times or more in the game, you don’t want to play.

Let me find it okay here, as you can see from here, there’s, one-two, three: four: five: six: seven: eight: nine-ten streets, ten winning streaks of player, six winning lines of a banker. You don’t want to play in this kind of room.

Okay, you skip it play another table, number four. If the previous history has too many chop chops, you know. Chop chop is like this bank, a player bank, a player banker, player banker, player banker.

This is chop-chop, right. If there are many chop chops in the game, you don’t want to play okay and number five. If the amount of remaining cards in the shoe is small, you don’t want to play. What that means is, for example, here, like most of the evolution baccarat, it plays up to about 70 rounds, right, and you don’t want to get going to the competition that has 67 matches in the game.

There are only like three or four rounds left you don’t want to play here because, while your martingale betting, it could end, the shoot could be completed. You don’t want to do that. Okay, so you want to play from like the beginning of the game, but number six.

If the game has started, if the new shoe hasn’t started, I strongly suggest you wait for two at least two lines, so you play from the third. In the fourth line here, you ate two lines play from the third line because I have this experience.

When I tried to play from the beginning of the shoe, there was a high chance of losing it. Everything like I lost five steps on the martingale, okay, so I always start from the third line. Okay, and that is about all, make sure do not rush.

Take your time. Don’t play too long. That is a crucial point to success, and when you keep grind up, you can increase the amount of the unit size right. So, if you say one unit is one dollar, you go up. You make up two as you started with 31 dollars, right.

That’s five steps of one dollar martingale. If you make up to 62, there’s a choice: either you can withdraw 30 out, and you can start all over or increase the bet to 2 per unit. Okay, then, it will be much quicker to make more profit, but I suggest you withdraw every certain point because if you keep holding the money, there’s a high chance of losing it well.

I hope this strategy could help you guys win some profit. I wish you guys good luck and well.