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Veteran Champion Free Agent: Is He the Missing Piece for the Lakers?

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In the constantly shifting sands of the NBA, veteran players often navigate the tumultuous waves of trades and roster changes, searching for a port where they can anchor their talents and perhaps chase another championship ring. Patty Mills, a seasoned 15-year NBA combo guard known for his sharpshooting and leadership, is a prime example of such a player.

After an eventful offseason that saw him traded multiple times by the Brooklyn Nets, Mills found himself with the Atlanta Hawks. Despite the hopes tied to this move, his tenure with the Hawks became a brief chapter in his illustrious career.

According to well-known writer Shams Charania of The Athletic, word came out today that Atlanta had decided to remove Mills and his $6.8 million deal, making room on the normal 15-man roster for two-way guard Trent Forrest. Mills had only played in 19 games this season.

This development has flung open the doors for Mills to explore new opportunities, possibly even with a contender like the Los Angeles Lakers, fueling speculation and excitement about the next step in his NBA journey.

Could Patty Mills Be the Spark the Lakers Need?

Should he be signed before tomorrow’s deadline, the 35-year-old Mills’ availability for a playoff contender makes his case even more compelling. With a championship pedigree, having clinched an NBA title with the San Antonio Spurs in 2014 by defeating LeBron James’ Miami Heat, Mills’ experience in high-pressure games cannot be overstated.

Despite his age, Mills has maintained performance with an average of 2.7 points on 37.3% shooting overall and, impressively, 38.2% from the three-point line. Given his career-long proficiency from beyond the arc, where he has historically shot 38.9% on an average of 4.4 attempts per game, Mills could seamlessly slide into the Lakers’ lineup, potentially filling the roles left by Spencer Dinwiddie or Gabe Vincent. His ability to “still get buckets” could be invaluable for LeBron’s current team, especially in clutch moments.

Speaking of game-changers, as the Lakers weigh their options, savvy fans and bettors alike will also keenly observe how this move might impact their performance in upcoming games, particularly with the Rockets game on the horizon.

Analyzing the Lakers’ Bench Woes: Dinwiddie’s Struggles and Vincent’s Health Concerns

The Lakers’ bench dynamic has certainly faced challenges, with Spencer Dinwiddie’s performance being a focal point of concern. Since his arrival, Dinwiddie has stumbled in finding his rhythm, registering a mere 5.2 points per game through his initial six appearances, with shooting splits of .343/.238/1.000. These figures are particularly alarming, with his long-range shooting at 23.8%, a critical area of need for the Lakers to bolster their bench’s scoring efficiency. 

On the other hand, Gabe Vincent’s contribution has been limited by health issues, having been available for only five games throughout the season. Vincent’s ambiguous return timeline adds to the Lakers’ uncertainties with the regular season edging into March. These roster hurdles underscore the potential impact of acquiring a veteran like Patty Mills, whose proven shooting prowess could offer a timely remedy.

While the acquisition of Patty Mills remains speculative, it’s intriguing to consider how his presence could have altered the outcome of recent matchups, particularly when looking back at the Lakers’ victory over the Rockets. For instance, in the last game between these two teams on Jan. 17, 2023, the Lakers secured a convincing 140-132 win over the Rockets.

Should Mills have been part of the Lakers’ roster during that game, the Rockets Game Odds might have painted a different picture, potentially favoring the Lakers even more. His known proficiency in three-point shooting and clutch performances could have provided the Lakers with an additional offensive weapon, amplifying their scoring ability and possibly widening the margin of victory.


The Lakers’ potential acquisition of Patty Mills could be a strategic move to reinforce their bench, address shooting inefficiencies, and add valuable experience to the roster. Mills, with his championship background and consistent performance, especially from the three-point line, represents more than just a player; he embodies a potentially pivotal piece in the Lakers’ quest for another NBA title.

His addition could not only alleviate the current struggles faced by Dinwiddie and Vincent but also elevate the team’s overall performance in crucial moments of the game. As the NBA season progresses, the Lakers’ decision on Mills could significantly impact their playoff aspirations and overall team dynamics, making it a move worth watching for fans and analysts alike.